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Permission Form

We prefer that you use the online permissions form.  However, if you wish, you may print out the form below and send it to ICSA.  Thank you.
ICSA uses the form below o obtain formal permissions from artists and authors for works published in ICSA periodicals, presented at conferences, posted on ICSA Web sites, or other purposes.

This form is pasted below so that artists and authors considering a submission to ICSA can know in advance what our permissions and copyright policies are.

You may complete and send this form to ICSA, if you have been in touch with us and you know the details that must be provided.

Author/Artist Permissions and Copyright Agreement
With International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA)

The purpose of this document is to make sure that you understand and agree to the conditions under which ICSA will/may use your work.

Please respond to the following and return to ICSA either by email (, fax (1-305-393-8193), or by post (ICSA, PO Box 2265, Bonita Springs, FL 34133, USA). 

Do not forget to include your contact information and signature. 

ICSA would like to use the following [provide title after category] 

[      ] artwork -

[      ] fiction article -

[      ] nonfiction article -

[      ] poem -

[      ] book/film review -

[      ] video of conference/event talk –

[      ] other – 

ICSA would like your permission to use this work in the following way(s): 

[      ] publish in ICSA Today magazine (print and web editions)

[      ] publish in International Journal of Cultic Studies (print and web editions)

[      ] post on ICSA Website(s) in places other than the magazine or journal –

[      ] make video/DVD of talk to distribute through ICSA’s bookstore

[      ] make video/DVD of talk to post on ICSA Website(s)

[      ] as part of a Phoenix Project exhibit at an ICSA event

[      ] other


ICSA retains copyright of all written material published in ICSA periodicals or produced by ICSA, although ICSA permits writers to retain copyright, if they request.

Because of the special nature of visual art, artists retain copyright of their work, granting ICSA permission to use it as described. 

Internet Risk Disclosure 

The nature of digital media, technology, and the internet makes it impossible for ICSA Web sites, ICSA Today, or the Phoenix Project to provide absolute protection for your artistic or written works. 

ICSA publications and Web sites do provide copyright notices. 

In addition, for visual art works we will, when practical, try to exhibit the works online with a low resolution, making copying them more difficult.  Artists may want to consider providing their work with a watermark. Here is a useful link:

Our research into this issue indicates that once a work is online, absolute protection against piracy or other unauthorized use is virtually impossible. Therefore, if you are unwilling to incur such risks, you should not display your works online. 

[      ] I understand and accept the risks described above.


Former members of cultic groups often want to talk about their experience and the group they belonged to because they want to help others avoid getting involved in such groups. This is certainly a commendable aspiration. However, sometimes the former members do not think through all of the implications of using their real name and/or the name of the group. 

The most common oversight is that having their cult affiliation on the Web (which is inevitable because ICSA publications exist in Web and print formats) may become an issue in the future, e.g., if they apply for a job and the prospective employer does a Web search on the person's name. Several former members who published articles with ICSA asked to have their names and/or their articles removed from the Website because they were about to embark on a major job search.

Another factor that might cause former members to regret using their real name is the possible threat of legal reprisals or harassment from the group or even from people not associated with the group, e.g., family members embarrassed by the public declaration of the cult involvement.

ICSA urges you to think carefully about this issue. Check the box below if you are concerned about using your real name.

[      ] I would like to discuss the possibility of using a pseudonym or making my contribution anonymous. 


[      ] The work listed above does not have co-authors.

[      ] The work listed above has the following co-authors: 

Is the person completing this form authorized to sign for the co-authors? 

[      ] yes

[      ] no 

Your Contact Information 

Last Name: 

First Name: 

Street Address: 



Postal Code: 






[      ] I give my permission to ICSA to use my work in the way(s) described above. 

Requests/Conditions (if any):

Signature (select one) 

[      ] I will sign below and mail this form to ICSA via post. [ICSA, PO Box 2265, Bonita Springs, FL 34133, USA]. 

Name _______________________________________________________ 

Date: ________________________________________________________ 

[      ] I prefer that ICSA mail me a copy of this form via post with a reply envelope. 

[      ] I am providing an electronic signature with this form.* 

*”Electronic signature - means an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.” (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act -