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Buddhist Aberrations

From ICSA Periodicals

Zen and the Art of Student Abuse - Christopher Hamacher

The PRC and Falun Gong - Michael D. Langone, PhD

Falun Gong and the World: How Many Eight-Years Do We Need? – Comment on Langone (2007) - Frank Tian Xie, PhD

Reply to Xie - Michael D. Langone, PhD

We thank Josh Baran for providing the following list of resources.


Sogyal – Inside the Dark World:

Sogyal – Letter from current and ex-members:

Sogyal – statement from Matthieu Ricard:

Sogyal – Harvey Weinstein and Sogyal Rinpoche – a comparison of abuse in 3 parts:

Sogyal – Comparison Part 2:

Sogyal – Comparison – Part 3:

Sogyal – article from 2011:

Lama Norhla – Tibetan Buddhist Leader:

Lama Norhla dies:

Diamond Mountain death and dysfunction:

Diamond Mountain – New York Times expose:

Diamond Mountain – Rolling Stone expose:

Matthew Remski Commentary:

Shambhala Community - Buddhists in U.S. Agonize on AIDS Issue – NYTimes -

Shambhala Community - Project Sunshine Final Report (Feb 2018)

Blog – The Boulder Buddhist Scam -

Osel Tenzin Scandal:

Trungpa – Chapter from Stripping the Gurus:

Bad Karma in the Dharma – Blog Post -

The Trouble with Trungpa:

Trungpa and the Poet:

Dalai Lama on Sogyal and Abusive Teachers: and

Tibetan Buddhist organization and cultic behavior:

Lamas who give Tibetan Buddhism bad name:

Confessions of Kalu Rinpoche (video) -

Diifi-Cult Blog mostly on Tibetan Buddhism:

Confronting Abuse of Power in Buddhist Communities:

Sangharakshita, Triratna, and FWBO -

Sangharakshita - and

FWBO, Sangharakshita, and “the dark side of enlightenment” - and


Joshu Sasaki Zen Teacher – Sex Scandal:

Joshu Sasaki Zen Teacher – Sex Scandal:

Joshu Sasaki Roshi Zen teacher – Sex scandal:

Book – Single White Monk – about a third of the book addresses the Sasaki scandal and his death – confused personal account filled with rationalizations and willful blindness -

Tricycle podcast with Jack Shozan Haubner about his book, Single White Monk.. some discussion about the Sasaki sex scandal – but Shozen is a confused apologist and the interviewer does not get to the heart of the matter -

Eido Shimano Zen Teacher – Sex Scandal:

Eido Shimano Zen Teacher – Sex Scandal:

Open Letter on the Shimano Scandal:

Eido Shimano - New York Times:

Eido Shimano – Tricycle Obituary and Personal Reflection:

Eido Shimano – NY Times Obituary -

Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America (1990) by Katy Butler:

Events are the Teacher / SF Zen Center crisis – Katy Butler:

Essay on San Francisco Zen Center Sex scandal and the role of the Zen master:

Richard Baker and SF Zen Center:

Scandals in emerging Western Buddhism -

Genpo Merzel Zen Teacher – sex scandals:

Genpo Merzel – Another Zen Sex Scandal:

Genpo – more:

ClearView Project and Guidelines: - free downloadable PDF -

New York Times on Scandals in American Zen:

More on Zen Scandals in America:

Abuse of Power in American Buddhism:

New York Times story on Zen scandals:

Zen Mythology – Stuart Lachs:

Stuart Lachs Page – multiple essays on Zen issues:

Zen Sex scandals:

Abuse in Buddhism:

Zen scandals:

Dainin Katagiri Zen Teacher sex scandal:

Chapter on Maezumi’s legacy: (need to purchase the book, Zen Masters, to access to full essay – Recommended)

Letter from Maezumi’s daughter: and a response -

Dutch Buddhists and sexual abuse:

German Zen leader admits to child sex abuse: and

International Zen Association – from France:

Zen at War / Zen as a Cult of Death - and and

Sexual Ethics, Zen Scandals, and Cults -

NOTE: Both U.S. Buddhist publications - Tricycle and Lions Roar - have published many essays on the issues related to sexual scandals and spiritual abuse in Buddhist communities, mostly Tibetan and Zen. If you are interested in numerous points of view, recommend visiting both websites and search. and