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Special Events: Overview

ICSA has been running conferences for more than 20 years. They are very popular.

However, because ICSA is international in scope, many individuals are not able to attend the one or two conferences ICSA holds each year.

That is why ICSA has begun to organize special events in various metropolitan areas. These special events sometimes consist of one talk followed by a discussion; other times the event may be a half-day or full-day in length. Whatever the case, special events that are geographically dispersed give more people an opportunity to meet experts and others who are interested in cults, psychological manipulation, trauma, and related subjects.

As of the winter of 2013/2014, we have conducted special events in New York City, Philadelphia, London, Boston, Ft. Myers, FL, Orlando, FL, and Washington, DC.

Upcoming special events are listed to the left.  Information on past events and conferences can be found in ICSA's event archive.

ICSA also has regularly scheduled (usually monthly) meetings in a few cities. If you would like to be notified about such meetings, sign up for the appropriate one(s).

We hope to develop local interest groups that can work with the ICSA conference committee to set up more events and local meetings in more cities, preferably on a regular basis.

Contact ICSA if you are interested in helping to organize an event or meeting in your area.