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Fax/Mail Registration Form: SGA Workshop - 2018

Complete the form below and fax, e-mail, or mail it to:  ICSA, PO Box 2265, Bonita Springs, FL 34133.  Fax: 1-305-393-8193. E-Mail:



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Use the table below to calculate the amount due. All rates are per person and include meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch) and Friday and Saturday accommodations. If you have questions, contact ICSA at (239)-514-3081 or

ICSA Members may deduct $25. Non-members receive an introductory Web membership with registration fee

No. People Status Register by  2/1/18 Register After  2/1/18 Adjustments Amount
  Double Occupancy $350 $400  
  Single Occupancy $425 $450  
     Member Deduction 
     Total Amount Enclosed 

Double Occupancy

If you have a roommate, please tell us his/her name?
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Group Info

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