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Grace Cathedral

Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral Rocked by Accusations
During recent months, a tear has ripped through the 3,000-seat Grace Cathedral auditorium in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. One longtime associate pastor resigned, telling friends and family he felt he had been inappropriately touched by legendary television evangelist Ernest Angley for 7 years.

Accusations about Grace Cathedral and its leader abound, with some describing the church as a dangerous cult that encourages pregnant women to have abortions and childless men to have vasectomies. And Angley, 93, who preaches vehemently against homosexuality, has been accused of being in fact a gay man who personally examines the genitals of the male parishioners before and after their surgeries and turning a blind eye to sexual abuse by other church members. In a recent open service lasting more than two hours, Angley and two other supporters addressed the situation, which one attendee recorded and shared with the Beacon Journal.­

Angley said, “I’m not a homosexual. God wouldn’t use a homosexual like he uses me. He calls me his prophet, and indeed I am. ... But you can’t stop the people’s lies.” During a separate 90-minute interview in his office, Angley said he doesn’t push for abortions and only suggests vasectomies.

The Beacon Journal talked individually with 21 former church members who have spoken out. They insist Angley has been running a cult and say he consistently threatens and intimidates his flock into following his instructions, bullying them into life-changing decisions that often split up families. They say he controls virtually every aspect of their lives, and that simply the excessive amount of time they are urged to spend at the church enables him to limit outside interference.

Some former members believe Angley has an ulterior motive in trying to prevent his parishioners from having children. Greg Mulkey says Angley “…doesn’t want people to have kids because it would take their time and money away from [the church]. He really forced people into abortions through scare tactics…” and said that vasectomies were force-fed, as well.

Angley and other top church officials say the wave of members who left the church this summer was part of a conspiracy to take control of the ministry, and that the former members are lying about virtually everything. But many former members, some who departed 25 years ago and some only a few months ago, scoff at those assertions. (Akron Beacon Journal, 10/14/14) [IT 6.1 2015]