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House of Prayer

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Two complaints against The House of Prayer, in Ireland, were withdrawn in November after the organization’s leader, Christina Gallagher, returned $192,000 to an elderly married couple and $128,000 to another man. The couple said they had been impoverished after donating their life savings to the House of Prayer. Numerous complaints were lodged against the organization earlier this year when it was learned that Gallagher had use of a $5 million mansion and a property portfolio. Gallagher, who founded the House of Prayer in the 1980s after claiming to have received prophetic messages from the Virgin Mary, presides over a chain of Houses of Prayer in the U.S., and thousands come to her church on Achill Island. The organization’s spiritual director, John McGinnity, is a parish priest in Louth. [csr 8.1, 2009)

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