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Jailed for Terrorizing Child into Submission
Hugo Llorenz, a 53-year-old psychic, has been convicted of sexual abuse and jailed. He persuaded a 10-year-old girl’s superstitious mother—a dovotee of the Afro-Cuban Santamaria religion—to let him sleep with her daughter until the girl was sixteen in order to remove a curse. Llorenz, who said that the girl would die when she reached sixteen without his “treatments,” terrorized her into submission by using fishing line to shake a chandelier in the dark, telling her that it was a demon. [csr 2.1 2003]

As she approached 16, the [unnamed] girl realized that Llorenz was a charlatan, but waited two years to report him to police because she was scared and confused, according to the judge, who dismissed the defense argument that the delay undermined her credibility. [csr 2.1 2003]

Llorenz continues to maintain his innocence, saying that the girl made up the charges because her mother neglected her and because the daughter associated with a bad crowd at high school. The judge dismissed Llorenz’s claim that he had wanted to be the girl’s moral guardian, pointing out that police had found pornographic videos and teen-sized undergarments in his apartment. (Jane Gadd, Toronto Globe and Mail, Internet, 10/17/02) [csr 2.1 2003]