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The Prophet

The Prophet of cult-like church near Owen Sound gets 18 months for assaulting members

Fred King, known to his parishioners simply as ‘The Prophet,’ was sentenced today to 18 months’ jail followed by two years’ probation. His church, which came to public attention first through a W5 television expose, has disbanded, according to defense lawyer Paul Mergler. King, 57, pleaded guilty in May to nine assaults which took place between Dec. 12, 1988, and Aug. 10, 2008, mostly in Chatsworth Township or elsewhere in Grey County, and in one case in Peel Region, involving four church members... King’s victims in the charges he admitted to include three males between 11 and 19 years of age at the time, and Carol Christie. She and husband John Christie did not attend the sentencing because they attended a funeral instead… Letters from three of King’s children, all adults now, and from his wife, who attended court Wednesday, were submitted for the judge to consider. They work for the family printing business too. ‘The church has been disbanded. So all of those people are there because they want to be,’ Mergler said. King always ‘adamantly denied’ any of the sexual charges, he noted. But his crimes, court case precedents and terms of the Criminal Code all ‘cry out for a jail term’ in this case, he said. ‘Clearly the time for impunity has [passed].’ Fred King’s brother, Judson King, is charged with assault with a weapon, sexual assault and three counts of assault between 1981 and 2007. He is to appear in assignment court in the Superior Court of Justice Nov. 7.” (Vancouver Sun, 09/14/16) [IT 8.1]