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The Body

Jacques Robideaux, former head of The Body [a tiny cultic group in Massachusetts], who is serving a prison term following his 2002 conviction in the starvation death of his infant son, asked in June for a new trial. His attorney argues that Robideaux had not been competent to stand trial and that he should have been psychologically evaluated. Robideaux said at the time that he and his wife believed they were obeying God’s will by denying their son solid food. [csr 8.2, 2009)

British intelligence chiefs report that scores of youths have left the UK for “jihad training” in Somalia so that they can fight in a “holy war” or train in camps. The number who have emigrated has soared in recent years following the emergence of Somalia as an alternative base for radical Islamic groups, including al-Qa’ida. Earlier this year, a suicide bomber from Ealing [in England] blew himself up in an attack in Somalia that killed more than 20 soldiers, although most would-be jihadists go to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Sheikh Ahmed Aabi, a Somali leader in north London, says: “I’m hearing it from parents. They say they [their children] are joining the jihad. This is a big problem facing our community.” [csr 8.2, 2009)

Jacques Robidoux, formerly a leader of The Body, in Massachusetts, has appealed his murder conviction and life sentence for the 1999 starvation death of his infant son, on the grounds that his trial lawyer should have used an insanity defense, or at least presented testimony from experts about Robidoux’s mental impairment. At the time, Robidoux refused to be examined by a psychotherapist, maintaining that modern medicine was among satanic “counterfeit systems.” He now wants a new trial or reduction of the charges to assault and battery. His lawyer says, “Jacques was under the delusional brainwashing of this cult, and he was incapable of independent thought.”[csr 6.3 2007 2007]

Roland Robidoux, head of The Body, the Attleboro, MA, group whose teachings led to the starvation death of an infant — and the murder conviction of the child’s father — died at the group’s home in mid-May, apparently of natural causes. [csr 5.2 2006 2006]

Jacques Robidoux, former member of the Attleboro (MA) religious cult known as The Body, sentenced to life imprisonment for starving his son to death on God’s command, has been refused a new trial. He claimed he was brainwashed by the group. [csr 5.1 2006]

The Body/Attleboro
Convicted Father Says He Was Brainwashed
Jacques Robidoux, the member of the Attleboro (MA) religious cult known as The Body, sentenced to life imprisonment for starving his son to death on God’s command, wants a new trial because his lawyer failed to present an insanity defense. Robidoux says he was brainwashed by the group. (Attleboro Sun Chronicle, Internet, 10/15/05) [csr 4.3 2005]

The Body/Attleboro Cult/Karen Robidoux
Mother Acquitted of Murder in Starvation of Infant
Karen Robidoux has been found not guilty of second-degree murder in the starvation death of her infant son Samuel while she was a member of The Body, a small Attleboro, MA-based sect that refuses, on religious grounds, to seek medical treatment. But the jury found her guilty of assault and battery in the case for bowing to sect pressure and the God-inspired vision of a fellow member not to feed solid food to the already weaned 10-month-old. [csr 3.1 2004] Robidoux’s lawyer, Joseph Krowski Jr., argued that she was psychologically and emotionally battered by her husband Jacques — found guilty last year of murder in the child’s death — and other members who forced her to continue to try, albeit in vain, to breastfeed. Krowski did not maintain that Robidoux — isolated from the rest of society for virtually her whole