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International Journal of Cultic Studies

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IJCS Vol. 9 (2018) - PDF of Issue

Employing Trafficking Laws to Capture Elusive Leaders of Destructive Cults. Robin Boyle Laisure (1-30) 

From Deprogramming to Deradicalization: How Cultic Studies Offers Insights for Subject-Diversion Programs and Suggests Pathways for Complaint About Religious and Ideologically Motivated Abuse in Australia. Stephen B. Mutch (31-42)

Is Psychological Distress Among Former Cult Members Related to Psychological Abuse in the Cult? Maria Göransson and Rolf Holmqvist (43-54)

The Gentle Wind Project: Quasi-Religion and Alternative Health. Kayla Swanson (55-69)

Book and Film Reviews - Born and Raised in a [Sect]: You Are Not Alone (Lois Kendall) Reviewer: Gillie Jenkinson (70-72)

Book Review - Deprogrammed (Writer/Director: Mia Donovan) Reviewer: Joseph Szimhart (73-75)

Book Review - Scientology in Popular Culture: Influences and Struggles for Legitimacy (Stephen A. Kent and Susan Raine, Editors) Reviewer: Sarah Lonelodge (76-78)

Book Review - Cult Recovery: A Clinician’s Guide to Working With Former Members and Family (Editors: Lorna Goldberg, William Goldberg, Rosanne Henry, and Michael D. Langone) Reviewer: Cyndi Matthews (79-82)

IJCS Vol. 8, No. 2 (2017) - PDF of Special Monograph Edition

IJCS Vol. 8 (2017) - PDF of Issue

Life After Centrepoint: Accounts of Adult Adjustment After Childhood Spent at an Experimental CommunityKerry Gibson, Mandy Morgan, Cheryl Wooley, and Tracey Powis (1-15)

Prosecuting Child Sexual Abuse in Alternative ReligionsAndrea Willey, Stephen A. Kent (16-36)

Book Review: Dead, Insane, or in Jail: A CEDU MemoirReviewer, Joseph Szimhart (76-77)

IJCS Vol. 7 (2016) - PDF of issue

Counseling Former Cultists: The Brief Intermittent Development Therapy (BIDT) Approach. Steve K. D. Eichel (1-14)

Religious Cults, Human Rights, and Public Policy: The Secular Perspective. Stephen Mutch (15-27)

Clubs, Neotribal Enclaves, and Cults: Variations on the Theme of Organizing Members. Mark N. Wexler (28-40)

Abuso Psicológico en Grupos: Taxonomía y Severidad de sus Componentes
Álvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, Omar Saldaña, Carmen Almendros, Javier Martín-Peña, Jordi Escartín,
y Clara Porrúa-García  (41-54)

Book Review - Combating Cult Mind Control: The #1 Best-Selling Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery From Destructive Cults (Steven Hassan) - Marcia Rudin, Reviewer (55-56)

Book Review - The Raincoat People: Confessions of a Cult Member (Lesley Elizabeth Smailes) - Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (57-62) 

IJCS Vol. 6 (2015) - PDF of issue

Freemen, Sovereign Citizens, and the Challenge to Public Order in British Heritage Countries. Stephen A. Kent  (1-15)

Jones on Jesus: Who Is the Messiah? Kristian D. Klippenstein (34-47)
Book Review - Brief: Reflections on Childhood, Trauma and Society (Bruce D. Perry) - Lois Svoboda, Reviewer (100-101)

Book Review - The Children of God: There Is Life After the Cult (Faye Thomas) - Cynthia Kunsman , Reviewer (102-105)

Book Review - Dolgyal Shugden: A History (The Dolgyal Shugden Research Society) - Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (108-110)

IJCS Vol. 5 (2014) - PDF of issue

Introduction to the Monograph. IJCS Editors (1); Introduction to Traumatic Narcissism Issue. Daniel Shaw (2); Introduction to the Conference. Chris Carlson (3) 

The Relational System of the Traumatizing Narcissist. Daniel Shaw (4-11)

Cults: A Natural Disaster—Looking at Cult Involvement Through a Trauma Lens. Shelly Rosen (12-29)

Crazy Wisdom: A Personal Account. William Yenner (30-36)

Her Critical Voice Wouldn’t Die. Ann Stamler (37-44)

Pathological Psychoanalysis: An Insider’s View of the Sullivanian/Fourth Wall Psychotherapy Community. Amy B. Siskind (45-51)

Finding and Losing My Religion. Daniel Shaw (52-56)

Book Review: Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation (Dan Shaw) - Gillie Jenkinson, Reviewer (57-60)

Book Review: Hungry for Ecstasy: Trauma, the Brain, and the Influence of the Sixties (Sharon Klayman Farber) - Lorna Goldberg, Reviewer  (61-63)

Book Review: Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape (Jenna Miscavage Hill) - Marcia R. Rudin, Reviewer (64-67)

Book Review: Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief (Lawrence Wright) - Terra A. Manca, Reviewer (68-69)

Book Review: In the Name of God: The True Story of the Fight to Save Children From Faith-Healing Homicide (Cameron Stouth) - Elmer J. Thiessen, Reviewer (70-74)

Book Review: For the Love of God. (Lawrence W. Gold) – Daniel Shaw; Reviewer (60-61) 

Book Review: The Dark Side of Transformation Leadership: A Critical Perspective. (Dennis Tourish) – Alexandra Stein; Reviewer (62) 

Book Review: Violence and New Religious Movements. (James R. Lewis) – Joseph Szimhart; Reviewer (63-69) 

Book Review: The House of Yahweh: My Side of the Story. (Kay Hawkins) – RaeAnne Wiseman; Reviewer (70) 

Book Review: India in a Mind’s Eye: Travels and Ruminations of an Ambivalent Pilgrim. (Steven Gelberg) – Marcia Rudin; Reviewer 71-72) 

IJCS Vol. 2 (2011) - PDF of issue 

The Spartiates As Charismatic Cult. William Blake Tyrrell(1-18) 

Challenging Authority: The Role of Dissent in the Formation of the Seventh-Day Adventist Sect. Timothy Dunfield (19-32) 

Diana, Leaving the Cult: Play Therapy in Childhood and Talk Therapy in Adolescence. Lorna Goldberg (33-43) 

Un análisis de las estrategias y consecuencias del terrorismo psicológico aplicado por el entramado de ETA. Javier Martin-Peña, Álvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, Jordi Escartín, Clara Porrúa, Omar Saldaña, and Ana Varela-Rey (44-60) 

Assessment of Psychological Abuse in Manipulative Groups . Carmen Almendros, Manuel Gámez-Guadix, Álvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, and José Antonio Carrobles (61-76) 

Book Review: “Norman Einstein”: The Dis-Integration of Ken Wilber. (Geoffrey D. Falk) – Arthur Dole; Reviewer (77-78) 

Book Review: Spiritual Abuse Recovery: Dynamic Research on Finding a Place of Wholeness. (Barbara Orlowski) – Richard Dowhower; Reviewer (79-81) 

Book Review: Religion and Political Violence: Sacred Protest in the Modern World. (Jennifer Jefferis) – Janja Lalich; Reviewer (82-86) 

Book Review: Without the Guru: How I took My life Back After 30 Years. (Michael Finch) – Lois Kendall; Reviewer (87)

IJCS Vol. 1 (2010) - PDF of issue 

The Influence Continuum—the Good, the Dubious, and the Harmful—Evidence and Implications for Policy and Practice in the 21st Century - Roderick Dubrow-Marshall (1-12) 

Sexual Abuse and the Charismatic Crisis: Dissension and Downfall in the Canadian Kabalarians - Renee Brodie (13-26) 

House of Judah, the Northeast Kingdom Community, and the Jonestown Problem: Downplaying Child Physical Abuses and Ignoring Serious Evidence - Stephen A. Kent (27-48) 

A Psychosocial Analysis of the Terrorist Group As a Cult - Álvaro Rodríguez-Carballeira, Javier Martín-Peña, Carmen Almendros, Jordi Escartín, Clara Porrúa, and Massimo Bertacco (49-60) 

Tratamiento jurídico y policial de las dinámicas de persuasión coercitiva: Las erróneamente llamadas "sectas" o "sectas destructivas" - Ferran Alonso (61-74) 

The Identity of Cult Members in the Narrative Aspect - Dariusz Kuncewicz (75-82) 

Book Review: Scientology. (James R. Lewis) – Terra Manca; Reviewer (83-88) 

Book Review: Spirituality and Psychiatry. (Chris Cook, Andrew Powell, Andrew Sims) – Arthur Dole; Reviewer (89-91) 

Book Review: Lost Boys. (Brent W. Jeffs, Maia Szalavitz) – Janja Lalich; Reviewer (92-93) 

Book Review: The Patron Saint of Butterflies. (Cecilia Galante) – Edward Lottick; Reviewer (94) 

Book Review: La explotacion da la fe: pastores que abusan sexual y economicamente. (Jorge Erdely) – Katherine Masis; Reviewer (95-96)