New York

Please Note: Because of the corona virus threat, which has resulted in quarantines in the New York area, the New York monthly meetings are cancelled until further notice.

ICSA local meetings and special events are designed to give people an opportunity to meet experts in the cultic studies field and others who are interested in this field or are seeking information and/or assistance. ICSA local meetings address the different needs of our members and visitors through a structured but flexible format, which may include presentations and discussion.

When: Last Friday of the month, except when noted otherwise (e.g., because of holidays): 7 pm – 9 pm. See the ICSA Calendar.)

Where: Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew (United Methodist), 263 W. 86th St., New York City (Subway stop: #1 train at 86th St. and Broadway) (map) - Social Hall (downstairs; handicap access via elevator).

Who: ICSA’s New York local meeting, began on March 25, 2011. ICSA's monthly meeting in New York is for:

  • Families, ex-members, and others needing support

  • People who share ICSA's interests and want to learn more

  • People who want to work with others to educate the public about cult issues or help victims


  • To receive notifications of future meetings, it is best to become a member of ICSA.

  • See ICSA Calendar for schedule of future meetings.

  • There is no fee for the meetings, although we ask that participants become ICSA members, if they are not currently members. Please tell others who might be interested in these meetings, especially if you think they are not on our mailing list.

Some meetings include ICSA Conversations, which feature a guest speaker followed by discussion.

Coming ICSA Conversations

About the Facilitators

Chris Carlson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked for years in a New York hospital with a large variety of patient issues presented in a medical setting. He is married with two young adult children and is also involved with performing and theater. He personally experienced the "cult" phenomenon in the late 1970's when he became involved with the Unification Church, the Moonies, for 18 months. After leaving that group with the help of his parents and "deprogrammers," he spent many years working with former members of "cult" groups and their families, as well as speaking publically across the country on this topic. He now hopes to continue this work by co-facilitating ICSA’s New York monthly meeting.

Daniel Shaw, LCSW, is the author of Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation, published by Routledge. His affiliations include: Psychoanalyst, Private Practice, New York City and Nyack, NY; Faculty and Clinical Supervisor, The National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIP), New York, NY; former co-chair, Continuing Education Committee, The International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. Shaw spent thirteen years as a staff member in Siddha Yoga (SYDA Foundation. There he wore many hats, including: manager of the residential Manhattan facility, educator, spokesperson, public relations coordinator, community organizer, and writer/director of public programs. Shaw exited Siddha Yoga in 1994, published an Open Letter about Siddha Yoga on the internet in 1995, and helped create the Leaving Siddha Yoga website, one of the first internet websites for ex cult members. Shaw is the author of Traumatic Abuse in Cults: A Psychoanalytic Perspective, published in the Cultic Studies Journal, numerous psychoanalytic papers, and the editor of a special issue on the traumatizing narcissist in ICSA'sInternational Journal of Cultic Studies. Mr. Shaw is available through Skype and leads the monthly New York area ICSA group with Chris Carlson. This group offers support, education and interaction for all those who have been harmed by, or want to learn about high demand groups. In 2018 Mr. Shaw received ICSA’s Margaret T. Singer Award. Website: Email: Phone: (845) 548-2561.