Portland, OR

Ken Garrett

Because of Covid-19, meetings are now held online. Write ICSA if you are interested in attending: mail@icsamail.com.

The Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education is a regular meetup in the Portland, Oregon metro area for those who have left or are considering leaving high-demand religious groups. We aim to be a friendly, growing, very loosely knit community of like-minded, generous, gracious people who gather for support and education regarding spiritual abuse. We gently pursue two things that we believe are critical in the recovery process from spiritual abuse:

1. healthy community,

2. knowledge about the dynamics of spiritual abuse.

I hope you’ll consider joining us sometime, or at least dropping me a line (I’ll keep it absolutely discreet) to get acquainted. Also, please visit our Facebook page. (Spiritual Abuse Forum for Education) There IS hope, and there IS healing!

Our meetings are held on Friday in the Community Room, McMenamin's Kennedy School, 7-9 PM. Food and drink can be ordered at one of the restaurants and brought into the meeting, no problem! '


Ken Garrett

Here is a link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SpiritualAbuseForumPDX/

Here are our upcoming meetup dates. (We are hoping to put together a one-day event for the fall, so that month's meetup may be cancelled.)

Dec 6


April 3 - cancelled because of corona virus concerns

May 1

June 5

Aug. 7

Sept. 4

Oct. 2

Dec. 4