Community Services

The NYC Educational Outreach Committee of the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) was formed in 2013 by people who have experienced and studied the impact of manipulative organizations, often referred to as "cults" or "high-demand groups." Like sexual abuse and domestic violence, cultic abuse is gaining recognition as a problem that needs to be confronted and understood.

Our goal is to provide the means by which educators, mental health professionals, religious advisors, families, and people in general can begin to recognize and understand the dynamics of a cultic relationship, and the potential harm it can cause.


  • Committee and other ICSA members may be available to give presentations in the greater New York area.

  • Papers on basic cultic issues developed by the committee are available online at These papers may be used or developed by others for use as needed.

To Request a Presentation

If you would like to schedule a presentation by the New York City Educational Outreach Committee please contact ICSA at 1 -786 509-9746 or