ICSA Today: Editors and Advisors

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Editor-in-Chief - Michael D. Langone, PhD

Associate Editor - Ann Stamler, MA, MPhil

Arts Editor - Nori Muster, MA

Family Editor - Lois Svoboda, MD, LMFT

Member Profiles Editor - Mary O’Connell

Mental Health Editor - Gillie Jenkinson, MA

News Desk Editors - Ana Rodriguez; Patrick Ryan

Research Coeditors - Linda Dubrow-Marshall, PhD; Rod Dubrow-Marshall, PhD

Point of View - Q&A - William Goldberg, MSW, LCSW


Eastern Europe - Piotr T. Nowakowski, PhD

French-Speaking Countries - Catherine Perry, PhD

Italy - Dr. Cristina Caparesi

Nordic Countries - Joni Valkila, PHD, Hilde Langvann, Hakan Jarva, MSC Psych

Spain and Latin America - Luis Santamaria, SThL and Erika Toren, MSEd

Writing Consultant

Sharon Hamm