What Members Do

Mike Kropveld speaking at an ICSA London event.

If you are interested in supporting ICSA's mission of applying research and professional perspectives to help and educate people, ICSA's Board of Directors invites you to join many others and become involved with this important organization.First of all, through your membership/donations you keep the organization going. To survive for the long haul ICSA must expand its membership base, and to do that people like you need to become AND remain members.

Over the years many hundreds of persons have contributed by speaking at our conferences and other events and/or by writing for our journals, magazines, and newsletters. There are far too many persons to list. Visit our conference archive folder to see abstracts and biographical sketches of presenters. And peruse our list of articles published in ICSA periodicals to get a sense of the number of people who have contributed through writing. The peer reviewed articles in this list have depended upon volunteer editorial review boards who evaluate article submissions, e.g., the International Journal of Cultic Studies editorial board and the ICSA Today editors.  Dozens of persons have contributed artistically - see our arts pages.  The photo on this page is the entrance to an artistic memorial garden that a former member created during her stay at MeadowHaven, a residential facility in Lakeville, Massachusetts founded by ICSA members Rev. Robert Pardon and Judy Pardon.

We cannot quantify the large number of ICSA members who have offered person-to-person assistance, advice, information, support, and encouragement to those struggling with the aftereffects of a group involvement or worried about a loved one's involvement.  Many of these persons, whether professionals or not, become more effective helpers by attending ICSA events, reading its periodicals, exploring this website, and associating with other members.

For details on how you may become involved, see our help others page.