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If your're interested in some of the early clinical thinking on this subject, see Counseling Cultists and Their Families (Robert E. Schecter, Ed.) - 1983. 
NYC Educational Outreach Committee Model Presentations. ICSA is proud to make available a series of papers on basic cultic issues developed by ICSA's New York City Educational Outreach Committee. These papers are intended as a basic introduction to various areas of interest in the broad area of cultic studies, such as how to define a cult, what impact a high-control group has on a member, what impact it has on a member’s family, and how being born or raised in a cult affects children. They may serve as templates for presentations on these subjects to diverse audiences, such as students, clergy, or mental health providers.

Meet ICSA Members 
From time to time, this column will feature a short profile on an ICSA member.

Gregory Sammons, MEd, PC
, resides in Albany, Ohio with his wife Angelina. Greg began working at Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center in March of 2001. He has filled nearly every role at the small residential agency over the past ten years. After his beginnings as the Clinical Residence Manager, Greg was inspired to go back to graduate school to complete his Master in Counseling Education. Greg’s degree covers the area of Clinical and Rehab Counseling. His areas of competence include Abusive Group/Relationship Counseling, Mental Health Counseling, Personal and Social Counseling, Addictions Counseling, and Diagnosis and Treatment. Greg has presented various topics at highly regarded conferences including those sponsored by the American Counseling Association, Ohio Counseling Association, and Ohio Rehabilitation Association. Greg currently provides all clinical counseling and assessment at Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center in Albany, Ohio. In addition to providing clinical services at Wellspring Gregory serves as the Director of Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center.