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ICSA Today - latest issue
  • Free Speech and Cultic Litigation - Esther Friedman (2-5)
  • Suppression of Free Speech: Report on a Survey - Michael D. Langone (6-7)
  • Saved By Our Son - Russell Bradshaw (8-11) 
  • Cults and Sex Trafficking - Andy Volger (12-16)
  • Profile On Hakan Jarva (17)
  • Book Review - Paradise and Promises: Chronicles of My Life With a Self-Declared, Modern-Day Buddha - Marcia Rudin (18-19)
  • Arts: Colored Pencil Paintings - Laura Chatterton (20-27)
  • Correspondents' Reports (28-31)
  • News Desk (32-36)
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ICSA Specialized Website

ICSA has launched a new website that is focused on spiritual abuse: Please explore this site, tell us what you think, and consider submitting something to its “Story blog."

The desire to understand our world and our place within it is an inherently human pursuit. Spirituality is a powerful lens through which we explore and make sense of our world. Spiritual abuse occurs when this search for understanding and connection is exploited.

New Link Added to ICSA Links Page
This Australian commission's website has links to many useful research reports, including: Analysis of claims of child sexual abuse made with respect to Catholic Church institutionsSafe and sound: Exploring the safety of young people in residential carePrinciples of trauma-informed approaches to child sexual abuse: A discussion paper.

New Videos

Religious Conflict Resolution: A Model for Families (Michael Langone and Patrick Ryan) - with Video: India in a Mind's Eye (Steven Gelberg)

NYC Educational Outreach Committee Model Presentations. ICSA is proud to make available a series of papers on basic cultic issues developed by ICSA's New York City Educational Outreach Committee. These papers are intended as a basic introduction to various areas of interest in the broad area of cultic studies, such as how to define a cult, what impact a high-control group has on a member, what impact it has on a member’s family, and how being born or raised in a cult affects children. They may serve as templates for presentations on these subjects to diverse audiences, such as students, clergy, or mental health providers.

Meet ICSA Members 
From time to time, this column will feature a short profile on an ICSA member.

Laurie Schaffler
 was an ISKCON member from 1974 to 1983. After leaving the movement with her three children, she completed her BA in writing at Columbia University and eventually her MFA in writing at The New School. Laurie is currently working on her memoir and is writing a blog about her experiences. In addition to being a writer, Laurie is also a textile artist. As a profession, Laurie has worked as a higher education administrator for the past thirty years, mostly in student affairs and student financial aid. She currently works with a consulting company helping colleges and universities implement efficient business processes and software systems.


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