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Surviving and Moving On After a High-Demand Group Experience:  A Workshop for Second-Generation Former Members - Chester, CT, April 17-19, 2015.

Recovery Workshop for Former Group Members - Colorado Springs, CO, July 31 - August 2, 2015

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Selected papers and Power Points from ICSA's 2014 annual conference in Washington, DC

New Power Point Presentation: ICSA Goals and Programs

Changes in the North American Cult Awareness Movement (by Carol Giambalvo, Michael Kropveld, & Michael Langone)

Benefits of Dialogue - An article by the ICSA Board of Directors

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Meet ICSA Members
From time to time, this column will feature a short profile on an ICSA member. 

Lois Kendall, PhD. Dr. Kendall's doctoral research examined the psychological effects of former sect membership, she looked at both first and second generation former members of sects as well as current and former members of non-sect like groups. Her research included a series of quantitative and qualitative studies. Since completing her PhD, Dr Kendall has worked on a book about the experiences of those raised in sects and recovery from that experience. She was born and raised in an English sect, which she left when she was 17.