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If your're interested in some of the early clinical thinking on this subject, see Counseling Cultists and Their Families (Robert E. Schecter, Ed.) - 1983. 
NYC Educational Outreach Committee Model Presentations. ICSA is proud to make available a series of papers on basic cultic issues developed by ICSA's New York City Educational Outreach Committee. These papers are intended as a basic introduction to various areas of interest in the broad area of cultic studies, such as how to define a cult, what impact a high-control group has on a member, what impact it has on a member’s family, and how being born or raised in a cult affects children. They may serve as templates for presentations on these subjects to diverse audiences, such as students, clergy, or mental health providers.

Meet ICSA Members 
From time to time, this column will feature a short profile on an ICSA member.

Xavier Leger was a member of the Legion of Christ from 1999 to 2006. Before joining the Legion he
studied at the Faculté Libre de Philosophie Comparé in Paris. He is presently finishing his MA at the Catholic University of Lyon in order to become a teacher of philosophy. The subject of his thesis is Regarding the epistemological status of the concepts of mind control, cult and cultic influence. He is also a member of Regain Network (Religious Groups Awareness International Network). In December 2008, together with a number of families and former Legionaries, he created a web page, Prévention l'égard de la Légion du Christ et du Regnum Christi. In 2009 – 2010, he collaborated actively with Catholic newspapers such as La Vie, La Croix, and Famille Chrétienne to cover the sad revelations about the founder of the Legionaries of Christ. In March 2013 a TV report will be released by French channel Canal +. And in September 2013 his biography, co-written with the French journalist Bernard Nicolas, will be published by Flammarion. 


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