Vital assistance is available at ICSA local meetings, special events, workshops, and conferences. These include recovery workshops for former members of high-demand, cultic groups and for SGAs (Second Generation Adults - people born or raised in high-demand, cultic groups. (See links on left.) 

Special funds exist for those in financial need, in particular the Joan Capellini Scholarship Fund.

Preconference workshops at ICSA's annual meeting often include programs for families, mental health professionals, educators, and former members of cultic groups.

ICSA's YouTube channel has many interesting videos.

Make sure you are on our mailing list so that you will get announcements of future events and access to 7 free e-books, including Coping with Cult Involvement: A Handbook for Families and Friends and Recovery From Abusive Groups.

See our information page to learn how this site’s 25,000 documents are organized to help you. Members have access to the entire e-library - Online Join-Renew-Donate. Individuals with financial need (e.g., unemployment, disability) may obtain a complimentary Web membership by completing a special form.

In particular, see our Study Guides and Assistance Collections, especially the family and ex-member collections.

ICSA's Spiritual Safe Haven Network, which is part of ICSA's special website,  provides resources on spiritual abuse and assists religious organizations that want to offer a "safe haven" to victims of high-demand groups. 

Starting Out in Mainstream America is a helpful reference for dealing with practical issues, such as employment, housing, etc. This e-book is especially useful to people born or raised in high-demand groups (SGAs - Second Generation Adults).

The ICSA network includes experienced helping professionals (counseling resources page), some of whom run support groups. ICSA also runs local meetings in selected cities. MeadowHaven's Rev. Robert Pardon, who runs a Boston-area meeting, has developed a video on the cult experience: Nobody Joins a Cult . . . They Just Delay Leaving.

Although our capacity to give individualized responses to inquiries is limited, we do what we can and, when appropriate and feasible, refer inquirers to people who may be able to give additional assistance. 
If this service interests you, contact us.