Religion Committee

Rev. Robert Pardon, Director of MeadowHaven and Chair of ICSA's Religion Committee

At least 3% of church members report having been a victim of spiritual abuse.

In one study, 67% of subjects were Christians before their involvement in a cultic group or abusive church, but only 39% after the abusive experience.

Eighty respondents (42%) in this same study sought help from religious organizations.  

But 40% of those who sought help found these services to be not at all helpful.

Approximately one percent of the population has had at least a transient involvement in a cultic group or abusive religious organization.

Therefore, each year tens of thousands of spiritual abuse victims who would seek help from religious organizations do NOT receive such help.

Sources: The Results of the International Cultic Studies Association’s 2008 Questionnaire - International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA).  Research Survey on Spiritual Abuse. 

These research findings explain why ICSA strives to reach out to churches and other religious organizations.  Though they may not realize it, they are vital gatekeepers. Former cult members and other spiritual abuse victims often turn to religious organizations and religious professionals for help.

ICSA's religion committee is headed by Rev. Robert Pardon. The committee's goals are:

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