Vulnerable Characteristics

From Easily Fooled, copyright © 2000 by Robert Fellows 

         The type of person who is vulnerable to cultism, manipulation, or unethical social influence is ANYONE. We may be more vulnerable when we:

            Are under stress.

            Are in transition in our lives.

            Tend toward dependency.

            Are unassertive.

            Are gullible.

            Want simple answers to complex questions.

            Are idealistic.

            Are disillusioned with the world or our culture.

            Are naive.

            Have an unfulfilled desire for spiritual meaning.

            Are attracted to trance-like states of mind.

            Are unaware of how groups can manipulate people.

            Have recently had a traumatic experience.

            Are unaware of how the mind and body can affect each other.

            Lack skills in critical thinking and logic.

            Lack knowledge about methods of deception.

This information is valuable partly because we can learn some things about everyday manipulation from the research on destructive cultism.