International Journal of Cultic Studies

The International Journal of Cultic Studies (IJCS) was published by the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA). IJCS is a refereed annual web journal (with a limited print run for libraries) that publishes scholarly research on cultic phenomena across a range of disciplines and professions with a view of making research results available to researchers, practitioners, and policy makers across the world. IJCS seeks to advance the understanding of cultic phenomena in their relationship to individuals, families, and society, notably in their psychological, social, legal, educational, religious, and cultural dimensions.Many definitions of the term cult exist, and the term has been applied to a wide range of groups. However, IJCS does not advocate nor support one particular definition and will consider submissions related to the full range of perspectives on cultic phenomena and issues that emerge from a scholarly or scientific study of such phenomena including those of harm, treatment, individual subjectivity, agency, creativity, and the boundaries between the individual and society.

IJCS publishes original empirical and theoretical work, as well as literature reviews, scholarly analyses, book reviews, and case studies across academic disciplines and applied sciences, notably in anthropology, criminology, ethics, the humanities, law, linguistics, political science, psychology, religious studies, and sociology, accepting both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

IJCS is published by the International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA). As in most scholarly journals, the views expressed in IJCS are solely those of the authors and do not reflect the views of IJCS’s editors and editorial boards or of ICSA and its directors, advisory board members, or staff. Groups researched or mentioned in articles published in IJCS are not necessarily cults, nor should they be seen as undoubtedly harmful.

ISSN: 2154-7270 (print) 2154-7289 (online)

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