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If You Want to Know How I Got Brainwashed - Betsy Dovydenas. Succinct narrative with 200 paintings of one woman's journey from subjugation to freedom. USA only. Purchase.

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Current Periodicals

  • ICSA Today - published from 2010 - present, includes a variety of articles, as well as press summaries, profiles on ICSA members, art work, fiction, and poetry

  • International Journal of Coercion, Abuse, and Manipulation (IJCAM) - 2020 - present. Online, open access, free annual journal. Encourages, supports, and reports on the work of researchers, mental health professionals, and social scientists who have studied the common psychological dynamics underlying different forms of coercion, abuse, and manipulation across diverse contexts.

  • Member News - news on the activities of ICSA members

  • News Desk E-Mailings - Selected news story (2-3 per month)

  • ICSA E-Newsletter - approximately bi-monthly

  • SAR E-Newsletter - approximately bi-monthly

Past Periodicals

  • International Journal of Cultic Studies - published from 2010-2019, has scholarly articles (mostly in English, but some in Spanish or French) and book reviews

  • Cultic Studies Review - published from 2002-2010, merged the functions of Cult Observer and Cultic Studies Journal, publishing a range of articles, as well as book reviews and press summaries

  • Cultic Studies Journal - published from 1984-2002, had longer articles (including many scholarly articles) and book reviews

  • Cult Observer - published from 1984-2002, summarized press accounts and published some short, original articles

  • Cultic Studies Newsletter - Several issues of Cultic Studies Newsletter preceded the Cultic Studies Journal

  • The Advisor - newspaper published from 1979 - 1984

  • ICSA E-News: 2004-2008 - Articles and other information