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If I Could Turn Back Time: Reflections of Former Cult Members - Selected vignettes and art from the forthcoming ICSA publications (2-13)

Second and Multiple Generation Adult Former Cult Members: Who Are We and What Do We Want from Counseling? - Cyndi H. Matthews (14-21)

Pathological Psychoanalysis: An Insider's View of the Sullivan/Fourth Wall Psychotherapy Community - Amy B. Siskind (22-27)

Reclaiming My Time - Renee Milton (28-32)

Book Review: Mama Said: A Daughter's Escape from the Alamo Christian Foundation By Christhiaon Coie. Nori Muster, Reviewer. (33-34)

News Summaries (35-40)

Exit Counseling - Carol Giambalvo (2-7)

Born or Raised in High-Demand Groups: Developmental Considerations - Leona Furnari (8-15)

No Longer Alone: A Brief History of ICSA's Second and Multi-Generation Former Member Workshop - Ann Stamler (16-18)

Poetry - Lydia Joy Launderville (19-27)

Carol Giambalvo: A Remembrance - Bill Goldberg (28)

Book Review: Understanding Religious Abuse and Recovery: Discovering Essential Principles for Hope and Healing by Patrick Knapp. Ronald Burks, Reviewer (29-30)

Book Review: The Inner Circle–Book 1: My Seventeen Years in the Cult of the American Sikhs By Peter Macdonald Blachly. Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (31-33)

Book Review: A Good Boy: Outliving the Legion of Christ By Kevin O’Sullivan. Jane Sims, Reviewer. (34)

News Desk (35-40)

Desperate People Do Desperate Things - Katherine M. Schneider (2-7)

Zen and the Art of Winning in Court  - Christopher Hamacher (8-10)

Dreams of ISKCON - Nori Muster (11-13)

ICSA 2022 Conference Awards (14-19)

Arts and Poetry (20-25)

Point of View - Q&A - William Goldberg (26)

Book Review: Manhattan Cult Story: My Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Crimes, Chaos, and Survival - By Spencer Schnieder. Donna Lamb, Reviewer (27-29)

News Desk  (30-36)

The Heart of Cult Recovery: Compassion for the Self - Daniel Shaw (2-9)

What Is Real? The Lure and Perils of Hidden Wisdom - Joe Szimhart (10-17)

Weaponizing Therapy - Adam Arnold (18-20)

Arts and Poetry - Lilia Volodina (21-26)

Book Review - Sex Cult Nun: Breaking Away from the Children of God, a Wild, Radical Religious Cult - By Faith Jones. Nori Muster, Reviewer (27-28)

News Desk (29-36)

If You Want to Know How I Got Brainwashed: Story and Paintings by Betsy Dovydenas - An appreciation by Nori Muster (2-7)

Litigating Against Cults in Japan: Practical Issues - Takashi Yamaguchi, Esq. (8-11)

Lessons Learned: Therapy With Former Members of Cultic Groups or Relationships - Lorna Goldberg (12-19)

Book Review - Hollywood Park: A Memoir - By Mikel Jollett. Gina Catena, Reviewer (20)

Book Review - In the House of Friends: Understanding and Healing From Spiritual Abuse in Christian Churches - By Kenneth J. Garrett. Stephen Martin, Reviewer (21-22)

Book Review - The Breakdown of Higher Education - By John M. Ellis. Stephen Martin, Reviewer (22-24

News Desk (25-32)

Phoenix Project: 2021 Creative Works (2-22)

Anney Bounpraseuth (4-5)

Amy Saltzman (6-7)


Elli Cho (8-9)

Victoria Hauck (10-11)

Stephen Mather (12-13)

Renrobot/Martinez (14-15)

Joyce Ralph (16-17)

Jia Apple (18-22)

Letter to the Editor - Carrie Buddington (23)

Reflection on the life of Daphne (Lady) Vane - Gillie Jenkinson (24-25)

Profile on Paul Lennon (26-27)

Book Review - If You Want To Know How I Got Brainwashed: Story and Paintings. By Betsy Dovydenas. Joe Szimhart, Reviewer (28-30)

Book Review - Useful Delusions: The Power & Paradox of the Self-Deceiving Brain. By Shankar Vedantam and Bill Mesler. Joe Szimhart, Reviewer (31-32)

Book Review - Culted Child: The True Story of a Daughter Disciple. By Maria Peregolisey. Ron Burks, Reviewer (32-33)

Book Review - An Everyday Cult: Conversation with the Author. By Gerette Buglion. Elizabeth Burchard, Reviewer (34-35)

Point of View – Q&A - William Goldberg (36)

News Desk (37-40)

Conspiracy Theories: Some Observations - William Goldberg (2-8)

Cults and the Law - Phil Elberg (9-15)

From Dream Come True to Nightmare: My Aesthetic Realism Experience - Donna Lamb (16-20)

Profile on Doni Whitsett (21-23)

Book Review - Catholic Orders and Movements Accused of Being Cult-Like: Intra-Ecclesial Sects? - Kent Burtner, Reviewer (24-25)

Poetry/Art - Angelica Garcia (26-29)

News Desk (30-36)

Unique Ways to Reach Out to Loved Ones Involved in Cultic Groups - Rachel Bernstein (2-5)

"That's Not Me": Multigenerational Adult Leavers of Cultic Groups - Jill Aebi-Mytton (6-13)

Recovering From Sexual Abuse in Cults: What Can We Learn From Neurobiology? - Doni Whitsett (14-17)

COVID -19, Conspiracy Theories, and Cults in France and Belgium - Catherine Perry (18-22)

Profile on Debby Schriver (23-25)

Book Review - The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life - Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (26-27)

Arts: Poetry - Faye Benyowitz (28 - 29)

News Desk (30-36)

Why Do Cults Thrive in Modernity? - Anthony Murphy (2-5)

Ostracism - Gill Harvey (6-10)

Recovery for My Children and Myself - Gretchen Ward (11-15)

Book Review - Losing Reality: On Cults, Cultism, and the Mindset of Political and Religious Zealotry - Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (16-17)

Profile On Lois Svoboda (18-20)

Point of View - Q&A - Bill Goldberg (21)

News Desk (22-28)

Letter to Former Cultic Group Members: Recovery in the Era of Covid-19 - Lorna Goldberg, Bill Goldberg, Patrick Rardin (2-3)

Domestic Violence in a Fabricated Family: Reflecting on a Cult Next Door - Elizabeth R. Burchard (4-9)

Is Purity Culture a Form of Sexual Abuse? - Alice Greczyn (10-15)

New Hope for Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse Seeking Justice - Carla DiMare (16)

Point of View - Q&A - Bill Goldberg (17)

Coercive Control, Cults, and Community (18-19)

Book Review: Santa Fe, Bill Tate, and me: How an artist became a cult interventionist - Nori Muster, Reviewer (20-21)

Profile On Wendy Ford Wolfberg (22-23)

Arts: Poetry - Maria Peregolise (24-25)

Wellspring: End of an Era (26)

News Desk (27-32)

When the Walking Wounded Walk Into Church - Ken Garrett (2-7)

Why We Can't Eliminate Cults, And How We Are Drawn In - Russell Bradshaw (8-14)

Reflections Upon Attending ICSA's 2018 Conference: Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control - Esther Ruth Friedman (15-17)

Book Review: Leaving the Witness: Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life - Doug Duncan, Reviewer (18)

Book Review: I Will Disentangle Myself ... and Leave - Joe Szimhart, Reviewer (19-20)

Profile On Alan Scheflin - Mary O'Connell, Editor (21-23)

News Desk (24-32)

ICSA: The First 40 Years - Michael Langone (2-15)

Changes I have Seen in the First 40 Years of AFF/ICSA - Marcia R. Rudin (16-17)

Growing up in the Culture of a Cult - Lorna Goldberg (18-21)

Book Review: The Heresy of Mind Control - Diana Pletts (20-21)

Book Review: Educated - Gina Catena (21-22)

Book Review: I am Revealed: Behind the Ashram Door - Gina Catena (22-23)

Profile on Cynthia Lilley (24-26)

Arts/Poetry (27-29)

News Desk (30-36)

Recovery: From Victim to Survivor to Thriver - Dorca Musseb (2-5)

What Counselors Should Know About Cultic Dynamics - Michael D. Langone (6-7)

Coercion, Power, and Control: Cultic Dynamic in Intimate Relationships - Steve K.D. Eichel (8-10)

Profile on Bob Schecter - (11)

The Genesis, Text, and Implications of Utah House Bill 214: Office for Victims of Crime Amendments - Ashlen Hilliard (12-13)

Book Review: Foucault's Pendulum: When A Novel Enhances the Healing Process - Joseph Szimhart (14-16)

Book Review: To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence - Joseph Szimhart (16-17)

Book Review: Blackbird - A Memoir: The Story of a Woman who Submitted to Marcial Maciel, Became Free, and Found Happiness Again - J. Paul Lennon (17-18)

Book Review: Robes of Silk, Feet of Clay - Gina Catena (18-19)

Book Review: Escaping Utopia - William Kent Burtner (20)

Book Review: Trail of Fears: A Journey From Heaven to Hollywood - Gillie Jenkinson (21)

Point of View - Q&A - William Goldberg (22)

Correspondents' Reports (23)

News Desk (24-28)

Lessons From Adjacent Fields: Cults and Radical Extremist Groups - Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Maarten van de Donk, and Wessel Haanstra (2-9)

We Disagree - Let's Talk! - Lorna Goldberg (10-15)

Arts: Poetry - Katharina Meredith (16-19)

Profile on Marcia Rudin (20-21)

Awards Presented at ICSA's 2018 Annual Conference (22-24)

1979-2019: The Changing Population of ICSA - Michael D. Langone (25)

Book Review - Property: The True Story of a Polygamous Church Wife - Andrea Moore-Emmett, Reviewer (26-27)

Book Review - White American Youth: My Descent Into America's Most Violent Hate Movement - And How I Got Out - Doug Duncan, Reviewer (28-29)

Pink Slip - Ken Garret (30-32)

Correspondents' Reports (33-35)

News Desk (36-40)

How a Dysfunctional Family Functions Like a Cult - Jose Fernandez Aguado (2-7)

Deception in Transcendental Meditation - Aryeh Siegel (8-15)

Moving On: Dealing With Family Members Who Have Caused Us Harm - Lorna Goldberg and Ann Stamler (16-22)

Book Reviews - The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone - Doug Duncan - Reviewer (23-24)

Book Reviews - Breaking the Silence on Spiritual Abuse - Gillie Jenkinson - Reviewer (25)

Profile on Robert Capellini (26-27)

Arts: Poetry - Mary O'Connell (28-31)

Correspondents' Reports (32-33)

News Desk (34 - 40)

How Can Faith Communities Help Survivors of Spiritual Abuse? - Michael D. Langone (2-5)

Overview: Support Groups - William Goldberg (6-7)

Dallas Former-Member Support Group - Doug Duncan (8-9)

Families Helping Families - Trudy Kendrick (10-12)

Book Review - Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism  - Joseph Szimhart (13-15)

Book Review - Cult Recovery: A Clinician’s Guide to Working With Former Members and Family - Robin Boyle (16-17)

Arts: Poetry - F.E. Feeley Jr. (18-25)

Profile on Arthur Dole - (26)

Correspondents' Reports (27-29)

News Desk (30-36)

Spiritual Abuse Across the Spectrum of Christian Environments - Maureen Griffo (2-5) 

Ready to Mine: Zen's Legitimating Mythology and Cultish Behavior - Stuart Lachs (6-10)

Wild Geese - Aithne Bryce (11-13)

Using Legal Analysis to Address Claims of Spiritual Abuse - Danya Shakfeh (14-18)

Profile On Ron Loomis (19)

Book Review - The Limits of Forgiveness: Case Studies in the Distortion of a Biblical Ideal - Doug Duncan, Reviewer (20-21)

Abstract Surrealism: My Journey Back to Myself After ISKCON - Nori Muster (22-24)

Arts: Paintings - Nori Muster (25-28)

Correspondents' Reports (29-34)

News Desk (35-40)

Sex Therapy With Former Cult Members - Steve K. D. Eichel (2 - 5) 

Staying Safe: Observing Warning Signs of a Dangerous Liasion - Andrea Laisure and Robin Boyle Laisure (6 - 7)

From Counterculture to Krishna Cult - Memories and Reflections - Steven J. Gelberg (8 - 11) 

Survivor Nineninethree - Elizabeth A. Ianelli (12 - 13)

Art: Paintings - Elizabeth Ianelli (14 - 16)

Profile on Sharon Hamm (17)

Book Review - Born and Raised in a [SECT]: You Are Not Alone - Ashley Allen (18 - 20)

Correspondents' Reports (21 - 23)

News Desk (24 - 28)

Government, Thought Reform, and Native History - Nancy Miquelon (2-9) 

Retribing the Planet: Shamanism Repurposed for Modern-Times - Joseph Szimhart (10-14)

Arts: Paintings - Joseph Szimhart (16-19)

Cleansing Ritual - Mary O'Connell (20-21)

Book Review - Greetings from Utopia Park: Surviving a Transcendent Childhood - Gina Catena, Reviewer (22-23)

Correspondents' Reports - (24-30)

News Desk - (31- 36)

Free Speech and Cultic Litigation - Esther Friedman (2-5)

Suppression of Free Speech: Report on a Survey - Michael D. Langone (6-7)

Saved By Our Son - Russell Bradshaw (8-11) 

Cults and Sex Trafficking - Andy Volger (12-16)

Profile On Hakan Jarva (17)

Book Review - Paradise and Promises: Chronicles of My Life With a Self-Declared, Modern-Day Buddha - Marcia Rudin (18-19)

Arts: Colored Pencil Paintings - Laura Chatterton (20-27)

Correspondents' Reports (28-31)

News Desk (32-36)

You Do Not Have to Be a Fool to Be Fooled: An Interview with Robert Cialdini, Updated - Cathrine Moestue (2-10)

Origins and Prevention of Abuse in Religious Groups - Michael D. Langone (11-13)

Correspondents' Reports (14-18)

Arts: Poetry and Photography (19-21)

Book Review - Institutional Persuasion: The Technology of Reformation in Straight Incorporated and Residential Teen Treatment Industry - Ron Burks (22-24)

Profile on Noomi Andemark (25)

News Desk (26-32)

Groucho Marx and Cult Recovery  - Michael D. Langone (2-5)

Inside the Walls of a Libertarian Ideology - Flavio Amaral (6-9)

Info-Cult at 35: Observations, Insights, and Lessons Learned - Michael Kropveld (10-14)

Why I had to Escape a Fundamentalist Cult - Charlene L. Edge (15-17)

Arts and Poetry - Katharina Meredith (18-19)

Book Review: S. - Joseph Szimhart (20-21)

Correspondents' Reports (24-27)

News Desk (28-33)

Closed Cults, Open Conferences - Steve K.D. Eichel (2-3)

Dr. Paul Martin-A Good Leader and a Wonderful Counselor - Gillie Jenkinson (4-7)

What Changed My Mind - Camilla Hanke (8-10)

When Endings Are Beginnings: David's Story - Jill Mytton (11-16)

Impact on Children of Being Born Into/Raised in a Cultic Group - Ashley Allen (17-22)

The Theory That Won't Go Away: An Updated Review of the Role Hypnosis Plays in Mind Control - Steve K. D. Eichel (23-27)

2015 Margaret T. Singer Award (28-29)

Visual Arts: Fiber Art - Joy Prescott (30)

"Mommy, Did You Get to See the Dolphins?" - Eva Meyrat (31-33)

Correspondents' Reports (34-37)

News Desk (38-44)

The Challenge of Defining Cult - Herbert L. Rosedale, Michael D. Langone, Russell H. Bradshaw, Steve K. Eichel (2-13) 

Why Did I Endure? - Carrie Buddington (14-17)

Editor's Corner - William Goldberg (18-19)

Poetry - Alicen Grey (20-23)

Book Review - The Family - Ashley Allen (24-25)

Correspondents' Reports (28-31)

News Desk (32-40)

Mental-Health Issues in Cult-Related Interventions - J Paul Lennon, Joseph Szimhart, William Goldberg, and Daniel Shaw (2-7) 

When Critical Thinking Doesn't Help: Why It Fails and How to Make It Happen - Millard J. Melynk (8-11) 

Mediatating to Settle Conflicts in Cultic Groups: Some Useful Methodologies - Raffaella Di Marzio (12-15)

Editor's Corner - Lindow Dubrow-Marshall (16)

Visual Art - Riaan Williams (17-21)

Book Review: Quivering Daughters Hope and Healing for the Daughters of Patriarchy - Lawrence A. Pile (22-25)

Correspondents' Reports (26-29)

News Desk (30-40)

A Safe Haven Church: An Introduction to the Basics of a Safe Religious Community - Neil C. Damgaard (2-7)

My Unexpected Journey - Cindy Kunsman (8-12)

Editor's Corner - Michael Langone (13-15)

2014 Phoenix Project: Ex-Member Art and Literature - Diana Pletts (16-22)

Profile On Ck Rardin - (23)

Arts: Photography - Ck Rardin (24-25)

Arts: Poetry - Dianne L. Wentworth (26-28)

Film Review: Generation War Our Fathers Our Mothers - Tony Jenkinson (29)

Correspondents' Reports (30)

News Desk (31)

A Few Things I've Learned and Some People I've Learned From - Lorna Goldberg (2-9)

2012 Paul Martin Lecture: Thought Reform and the Psychology of Breaking Away From Totalism - Ron Burks (10-13)

Religious Liberty and New Religious Movements: The Italian Experience and the Observatory on Religious Liberty - Massimo Introvigne (14-19)

Profile on Diana Pletts (20)

Book Review: Manson: The Life and Times of Charles Manson (Jeff Guinn) - RaeAnne Wilson, Reviewer (21)

From Survivor To Thriver - Angela "Vennie" Kocsis (22-25)

Arts: Poetry - Angela "Vennie" Kocsis (26-27)

Arts: Mixed Media - Angela "Vennie" Kocsis (28-29)

Correspondents' Reports (30-31)

News Desk (32-41)

Rebuilding the Jigsaw - Gillie Jenkinson (2-5) 

Reclaiming Life Stories After Cult Immersion - Greg Jemsek (6-10)

Peace at Last - Gina Catena (12-15)

A Personal Experience of Transcendental Meditation and the TM Movement - Stephen Coleman (16-17) 

When the Cult Leader Hoists a White Flag: The Shinsekai Case - Masaki Kito & Takashi Yamaguchi (18-21)

Profile on Daniel Shaw (22)

Point of View : Q&A- William Goldberg (23) 

Correspondents' Reports (24-27) 

News Desk (28-37)

Why Cults are Harmful: Neurobiological Speculations - Doni Whitsett (2-5)

Writing Betrayal of the Spirit: Autobiographical Writing as Therapy - Nori Muster (6-8)

Commentary on Writing Betrayal of the Spirit - Doni Whitsett (9-10)

Cultic Issues and Religious Freedom - Willy Fautre (11-15)

Arts: Poetry - Kristen Skedgell DeVoe (16-18)

Point of View: Q&A - William Goldberg (19)

Arts: Photography - Diana Pletts (20-21)

Correspondent Reports (22-25)

Press Summaries (26-33)

Dialogue and Cultic Studies: Why Dialogue Benefits the Cultic Studies Field – ICSA Board of Directors (2-7) 

The Ethics of Evangelism and Cult Recruitment – Elmer Thiessen (8-10) 

2013 ICSA Annual Conference Trieste, Italy (11-17) 

Zen and the Art of Student Abuse – Christopher Hamacher (18-19) 

Correspondent Reports (20-21) 

Arts: Poetry (22-23 

Arts: Painting – Susan Libby (24-27) 

Profiles on Nancy Miquelon and Lisa Monroney (28-29) 

Former Members and Health Care Reform – Livia Bardin (29) 

Book Review: Mushroom Satori: The Cult Diary (Joseph Szimhart) – Marsha Rudin, Reviewer (30) 

Press Summaries (31-37) 

Marriage After the Cult – Lorna Goldberg (2-5) 

On Breaking the Code of Silence – Kristen Skedgell DeVoe (6-7) 

Back from the Brink – Lawrence A. Pile (8-11) 

The Marriage of the Lamb – K. Gordon Neufeld (12-15) 

Arts: A 30-Year Odyssey – Ava Lynn Williams (16-23) 

Profile on Marie-Andrée Pelland (24) 

Point of View : Q&A- William Goldberg (25) Correspondent Reports (26) 

Press Summaries (27-33) 

Born into a Doomsday Cult – Andie Redwine (2-5) 

Urban Legends and Other Misconceptions Concerning the Threats Cults Pose – Piotr T. Nowakowski (6-9) 

The Results of the International Cultic Studies Association’s 2008 Questionnaire for Former Cult Members – Richard Dowhower (10-11) 

Point of View: Q&A (12) 

Book Review: Child of the Cult (Nori Muster) – Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (13-15) 

Book Review: Escape: My Lifelong War Against Cults (Paul Morantz) – Leona Furnari, Reviewer (15-17) 

Poetry – Jessica (18-21) 

Profiles on Rosanne Henry and Carol Giambalvo (22-23) 

Arts: Poetry – Jessica (18-21) 

Correspondent Reports (24-26) 

Press Summaries (27-33) 

“By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them”: How Good and Bad Works Can Deceive – the Case of the Legion of Christ – Michael Langone (2-5) 

Bad Fruits of the Legion of Christ Catholic Religious Order – Paul Lennon (6 – 9) 

The Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi: A Parent’s Perspective – Peter Kingsland (10-13) 

The Law to Protect Victims of Manipulation: A Victory for Region Friuli Venezia Giulia – Cristina Caparesi (14-15) 

ICSA International Conference Awards Speeches – Carolle Tremblay; Steve A. Kent (16-19) 

Point of View: Q&A – William Goldberg (20) 

Book Review. Theosophy: History of a Pseudoreligion (Rene Guenon) – Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (21-23) 

Correspondent Reports (24-26) 

Arts: Painting - April Galamin (26-27) 

Arts: Poetry - Heather (28-30) 

Press Summaries (31-37) 

“Cults” and Globalization: Reflections and Questions – Mike Kropveld (2-5) 

An Open Letter to Clergy Regarding Helping Former Members of Abusive Churches or Cults – Carol Giambalvo (6-7) 

Getting Involved in a Cult is Easy; Getting Out Never Is – Gary M. (8-11) 

Sister, My Sister – Sophie G. (12-15) 

Aspects of Alternative Spirituality in Romania – Rev. Dr. Radu Petre Muresan (16-22) 

Movie Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene – Rebecca Parks, Reviewer (22-23) 

Arts: Poetry – Carol Welch (24-25) 

Arts: Drawing – April Galamin (26-27) 

Point of View: Q&A (28) 

Correspondent Reports (29-31) 

Profiles on Carolle Tremblay, Steve K. D. Eichel, and Steven A. Kent (32-33) 

Press Summaries (34-37) 

History of the Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center — Barbara Martin (2-7) 

Resisting the Pressure to Choose Between Parents: A School-Based Program – Amy J. L. Baker, PhD (8-13) 

Cult, A Love Story – Alexandra Amor (14-15) 

Book Review: Merchants of Deception (Eric Scheibeler) –Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (16-17) 

Book Review: Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment (Janet Heimlich) – Marcia Rudin, Reviewer (19-20) 

Book Review: Modern Religions: An Experiential Analysis (Elliot Benjamin) –Nori Muster, Reviewer (17-18) 

Correspondent Reports (21-25) 

Arts: Leaving a Cult for Music – Rebecca Parks (24-27) 

Profiles on Michael Kropveld, Karen Pressley, and Omar Saldana (28-29) 

Press Summaries (30-37) 

Lessons Learned from SGAs About Recovery and Resiliency – Leona Furnari, MSW, LCSW & Rosanne Henry, MA (2-9) 

My Perspective of Rosanne Henry and Leona Furnari’s Presentation to the Annual SGA Workshop – Patrick Rardin (10-11) 

Family Life In and Out of a Cult – Elizabeth A. (12-15) 

My Voice: Learning to Speak After the Cult – Alice A. (16-19) 

Born and Raised in Aesthetic Realism – Ann Stamler, MA, MPhil (20-23) 

“I Really Believed that This Way of Living Was Right” – Monique Goudsmit (24-26) 

Correspondents’ Reports (27-29) 

Arts: Drawing, Poetry – Sara DeGraff (30-31) 

Arts: Poetry – Lois Kendall (32-33) 

Profiles on Patrick Ryan, Alvaro Rodriguez-Carballeira, Lady Vane (34-35) 

Press Summaries (36-41) 

Physical Child Abuse in Sects – Lois Kendall, PhD (2-5)

Family Dynamics During a Cult Crisis – Douglas Agustin (2-5) 

Correspondents’ Reports (9) 

Austrian Perspectives on Cults – Friedrich Griess (10-13) 

Paul R. Martin Memorial Lecture – Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Ph.D. (14-17) 

From the Fire to a Blessing Field: Transitioning from an Unhealthy Relationship to a Life of Creativity – Karen Pressley (18-21) 

Profiles on Robert Pardon, Judy Pardon, William Goldberg. (22-23) 

Visual Arts - Helen Pomery (24-26) 

Arts: Poetry - Susan Nieland (27-29) 

Book Review. Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation (Mitch Horowitz) – Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (30-32) 

Book Review. Ranger’s Apprentice Book 8: The Kings of Clonmel (John Flanagan) – Eric Hamill, Reviewer (32) 

Press Summaries (33-41) 

The Impact of a Modern-Day Polygamy Group on Women and Children – Larry Beall, Ph.D. (2-8) 

New Books on Polygamy - Andrea Moore-Emmett (9) 

Cult is as Cult Does – Gina Catena, M.S., N.P., C.N.M. (10-12) 

Point of View: Q&A – Rosanne Henry, M.A., L.P.C. (13) 

Special Report: Polygamy News (14-15) 

Let’s Get Lost – Kenneth Neufeld (16-19) 

Arts: Visual Arts – Rebbe Fortune (20-21) 

Arts: Poetry – Jael Tamar Sprinkle (22-23) 

Book Review. The Cult Files: True Stories from the Extreme Edges of Religious Belief – Joseph Szimhart (24-25) 

Correspondents’ Reports (26-30) 

Profiles on Cristina Caparesi, Friedrich Griess, Raffaella Di Marzio (32-33) 

Press Summaries (34-41) 

2010 ICSA Annual Conference (2-7) 

2010 Phoenix Project Report – Diana Pletts (8-13) 

Arts: Drawing – Annabet Mseley (14-15) 

Point of View (16) 

Arts: Poetry – Anabet Modeley (17) 

Prayer-Fee Mandates Removed from Federal Health Care Bills – Rita Swan (18-21) 

Fair Game (short story) – K. Gordon Neufeld (22-23) 

Post-Cult Financial Recovery - Mattie Elizabeth Green (24-27) 

Book Review: Stripping the Gurus: Sex, Violence, Abuse and Enlightenment (Geoffrey D. Falk) – Joseph Szimhart, Reviewer (28-29) 

Correspondent Reports – (30-33) 

Profiles on Gillie Jenkinson, Lois Kendall, and Piotr T. Nowakowski 

Press Summaries (36-41) 

ICSA Recovery Workshops: The Colorado Model – Carol Giambalvo; Rosanne Henry (2-9) 

A Recovery-from-Addictions Model Applied to Cult Intervention – Joseph Szimhart (10-13) 

Coming Back Home – Julie Katzer (14-15) 

Point of View (16) 

ICSA News (17) 

Correspondent Reports (20-21) 

Poetry – Donna Collins (22-23) 

Paintings – Christine Cole (24-25) 

Profiles on Lorna Goldberg and Ann Stamler (26-27) 

Press Summaries (28-33)