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JULY 3-6, 2024


Conference Theme:  Evidence-based Practices in Cult Recovery

ICSA's Newest Book Is Here!

This heartfelt and meaningful book is a groundbreaking way to provide preventive education about the dangerous intricacies of cultic involvement.


The book is totally comprised of writings and artwork from individuals who are former cult members.  In the book, the writers and artists share the ways in which cultic involvement impacted their lives and express what they would say to their younger selves and family members now that they are free from cultic involvement.  


We hope that this book will benefit you, your family and friends, your acquaintances, and anyone else who is interested in understanding the very personal nature of cultic abuse. 


This book was made possible from generous donors and volunteers.  The board of directors of ICSA express our gratitude to the donors, writers, and artists who contributed to this book and to all who continue to support ICSA.  


Purchase your copy at the ICSA Online Bookstore

or as an e-book at  BookBaby and most other online booksellers. 


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