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Permission to Reprint materials from ICSA

If you wish to reprint in a journal or newsletter an article copyrighted by ICSA or if you wish to translate an ICSA article or book, please send a signed, written (snail mail) request for reprint permission, including the following information:

If you are requesting permission to translate a book, please specify the language, anticipated price, number of books you plan to print, audience, and information on the organization seeking to translate the book.

If permission is granted, please place at the end of the reprinted article or in a footnote on the first page, the following: "Reprinted with permission of International Cultic Studies Association, P.O. Box 2265 Bonita Springs, FL 34133, Phone: 239.514.3081, Fax: 305.393.8193, e-mail:, web:”

If an article you wish to reprint or translate or a book you wish to translate was reprinted by  ICSA with the permission of the original publisher, then you should contact the original publisher for permission to reprint.

Permission to Photocopy materials from ICSA

ICSA maintains copyright on materials that it publishes in its periodicals, books, reports, and audiovisual productions, except for materials for which ICSA obtains reprint permission.

We try to be accommodating to requests to photocopy such material for educational purposes in which there is no monetary gain for the person or organization seeking reprint permission. However, we treat each case individually. Therefore, if you would like to obtain permission to photocopy material, please send us a written, signed request (snail mail) for photocopy permission in which you include the following information:

If permission is granted, please conspicuously place the following on the material you are copying: "Copied with permission of International Cultic Studies Association ("