Academic Disputes and Dialogue


Academic Disputes and Dialogue Collection: Preface - Michael D. Langone

An Example for Controversy: Creating a Model for Reconciliation - Michael Kropveld

Blind or Just Don’t Want to See?  Brainwashing, Mystification, and Suspicion -Alberto Amitrani 

Cult Awareness Groups and NRM Scholars: Toward Depolarization of Key Issues - Michael D. Langone

Dialogue and Cultic Studies: Why Dialogue Benefits the Cultic Studies Field – ICSA Board of Directors 

Harm and New Religious Movements (NRMs): Some Notes on a Sociological Perspective - Eileen Barker

Harm and NRMs: Perspectives from Psychology - Arthur A. Dole

Harm and NRMs: Perspectives from Religious Studies, Sociology, and Psychology – Introduction -Michael D. Langone

"Mind Control” in New Religious Movements and the American Psychological Association - Alberto Amitrani

On Dialogue Between the Two Tribes of Cultic Studies Researchers - Michael D. Langone

Overcoming the Bondage of Revictimization: A Rational/Empirical Defense of Thought Reform - Paul R. Martin, et al.

Secular and Religious Critiques of Cults: Complementary Visions, Not Irresolvable Conflicts.  Michael D. Langone, Ph.D.

Stepping out of the Ivory Tower: A Sociological Engagement in "The Cult Wars" - Eileen Barker

The Blacklisting of a Concept: The Strange History of the Brainwashing Conjecture - Benjamin Zablocki

The History of Credibility Attacks Against Former Cult Members - Stephen A. Kent; Kayla Swanson

The Two “Camps” of Cultic Studies:  Time for a Dialogue - Michael Langone

Book Reviews 

Book Review: Anti-Cult Movements in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Book Review: Misunderstanding Cults: Searching for Objectivity in a Controversial Field