Business Cultism


Charismatic Leadership and Corporate Cultism at Enron: The Elimination of Dissent, the Promotion of Conformity, and Organizational Collapse - Dennis Tourish & Naheed Vatcha

God's Company: New Age Ethics and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International - Paul Heelas

Expanding the Groupthink Explanation to the Study of Contemporary Cults - Mark Wexler

The Threat to Entrepreneurial Freedom and Initiative Posed by "New Age" Management Training Programs - Herbert L. Rosedale

Transformational Leadership, Corporate Cultism, and the Spirituality Paradigm: An Unholy Trinity in the Workplace? - Dennis Tourish et al.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Corporate Cults: The Insidious Lure of the All-Consuming Organization

Book Review: The Dark Side of Transformation Leadership: A Critical Perspective