Cultic Therapies

We use the term "cultic therapies" to refer to programs of psychological or medical treatment that may tend toward excessive use of manipulative techniques. Though some people may be harmed by such programs, others may remain unharmed, and others may benefit. The existence of harm, however, may result in criticism of the program.

Listed below are articles and book reviews on this site that are relevant to this topic.


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False Memory and Buridan's Ass - Alan Scheflin

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Manipulative Therapists - Shirley Siegel

Pathological Psychoanalysis - Amy Siskind

Psychiatric Association Statement on Repressed Memories

Psychotherapy Cults - Margaret Singer, Maurice Temerlin, & Michael Langone

Psychotherapy Cults: An Ethical Analysis - Kim Boland & Gordon Lindbloom

Psychotherapy of a Mass Therapy Encounter Group - Anita Solomon

Residential Treatment: The Potential for Cultic Evolution - David Halperin

Ritual Child Abuse: Understanding the Controversies - David Lloyd

Some Hazards of the Therapeutic Relationship - Jane Temerlin & Maurice Temerlin

Warning: Meditating may be Hazardous to Your Health - Sandy Brundage

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