Ethical Issues


Some of the articles in this list can be found in a special issue of Cultic Studies Journal, "Cults, Evangelicals, and the Ethics of Social Influence" - PDF of special issue.

A Code of Ethics for the Christian Evangelist

An Ethic for Christian Evangelism - R.  Johannesen

Cults, Evangelicals, and the Ethics of Social Influence - Michael D. Langone

Ethical Evangelism, Yes!  Unethical Proselytizing, No! - Rev. Dr. Gordon Lewis

Ethical Standards for Thought Reform Consultants - Carol Giambalvo, et al. 

Ethics in Proselytizing: A Jewish View - Rabbi Ralph D. Mecklenburger

Evangelicals and Cults - Marcia Rudin

Evangelism: Persuasion or Proselytizing? - M. McCloskey

Evangelization and Freedom in the Catholic Church - Rev. James J. LeBar

How Should the Communities Movement Handle Questions of Abuse? Responding to Benjamin Zablocki's Proposed "Bill of Rights." - Laird Sandhill

Introduction to Special Issue: Cults, Evangelicals, and the Ethics of Social Influence - Michael D. Langone

Objectionable Aspects of "Cults": Rhetoric and Reality - Thomas Robbins

Of Cults and Evangelicals: Labeling and Lumping - Ronald Enroth

Prologue:  The Evangelicals Set Forth Their Case - Dietrich Gruen

Proposing a "Bill of Inalienable Rights" for Intentional Communities - Benjamin Zablocki

Psychotherapy Cults: An Ethical Analysis - Kim Boland, et al.

Social Influence: Ethical Considerations - Michael Langone

The Ethics of Evangelism and Cult Recruitment - Elmer Thiessen 

The Ethics of Persuasion in a Pluralistic Culture - M. McCloskey

The Perils of Persuasive Preaching - Rev. A. Duane Litfin

The Problems and Possibilities of Defining Precise Criteria to Distinguish Between Ethical and Unethical Proselytizing/Evangelism - Elmer J. Thiessen

What is Evangelism? - Mark McCloskey

Why Evangelicals are Vulnerable to Cults - Rev. Dr. Harold Bussell

Book Reviews 

Book Review: The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical Defense of Proselytizing and Persuasion