Personal Accounts


A Personal Experience of Transcendental Meditation and the TM Movement - Stephen Coleman

Autobiography of a Former Moonie - Gary Scharff

Bible-Cult Mind Control - David Clark

Born into a Doomsday Cult – Andie Redwine

Coming Back Home – Julie Katzer

Compassion Betrayed: Spiritual Abuse in an American Zen Center - Katherine V. Masis

Crazy Wisdom: A Personal Account - William Yenner 

Cult, A Love Story – Alexandra Amor

Death of a Moonie: Reflections of a "Blessed Child.” - Donna Orme-Collins

Family Life In and Out of a Cult – Elizabeth A.

Finding and Losing My Religion - Daniel Shaw

From Counterculture to Krishna Cult - Memories and Reflections - Steven J. Gelberg 

From Counterfeit to Truth: A Personal Quest - Carson Miles

From Survivor to Thriver - Vennie Kocsis

From the Fire to a Blessing Field: Transitioning from an Unhealthy Relationship to a Life of Creativity – Karen Pressley 

Getting Involved in a Cult is Easy; Getting Out Never Is – Gary M.

Her Critical Voice Wouldn't Die - Ann Stamler

How Could Anyone Join a Cult?!! - Maureen Griffo

How We Rescued Our Daughter - Arthur A. Dole

I Really Believed that This Way of Living Was Right – Monique Goudsmit

Inside the Walls of a Libertarian Ideology - Flavio Amaral

Moments of Grace - Nancy Miquelon

My Experience in YWAM: A Personal Account and Critique - Laurie Jacobson

My Voice: Learning to Speak After the Cult – Alice A

Nothing Need Go to Waste - Patrick Knapp

Of Urinals and Dark Forces: An Essay About Harmful Cult Influence on an Artist - Joseph Szimhart 

On Breaking the Code of Silence – Kristen Skedgell DeVoe

Peace at Last - Gina Catena

Perfect Master or Perfect Psychopath - Erica Toren 

Persistence of “Deprogramming” Stereotypes in Film - Joseph P. Szimhart

Pink Slip - Ken Garret 

Recovery for My Children and Myself - Gretchen Ward 

Recovery: From Victim to Survivor to Thriver - Dorca Musseb (2-5) 

Saved By Our Son - Russell Bradshaw

Sex, Lies, and Grand Schemes of Thought in Closed Groups - A Collective of Women

Sister, My Sister – Sophie G.

Some Things I Learned During My Seventeen Years in the Hare Krishna Movement - Steven J. Gelberg

Special Collection. Recovery From Cults: A Pastoral/Psychological Dialogue – Personal Accounts

Survivor Nineninethree - Elizabeth A. Ianelli 

The Making of a Disciple in the International Churches of Christ - Kathy Kelly

The Potential for Abuse in the Guru-Disciple Relationship - Mary Garden

What Changed my Mind - Camilla Hanke

Why I had to Escape a Fundamentalist Cult - Charlene Edge

Book Reviews

Book Review: American Guru: A Story of Love, Betrayal and Healing

Book Review: Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape 

Book Review: Blackbird - A Memoir: The Story of a Woman who Submitted to Marcial Maciel, Became Free, and Found Happiness Again 

Book Review: Cartwheels in a Sari: A memoir of Growing up Cult

Book Review: Cult Encounter and an International Story of a Family’s Experience of Exit Counseling (Ethical Deprogramming of the Nineties)

Book Review: Dead, Insane, or in Jail: A CEDU Memoir.

Book Review: Enlightenment Blues: My Years with an American Guru

Book Review - Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism 

Book Review: Escape 

Book Review: fathermothergod: My Journey Out of Christian Science

Book Review: I am Revealed: Behind the Ashram Door 

Book Review: I Can’t Hear God Anymore

Book Review: In the Shadow of the Moons: My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Family

Book Review: India in a Mind’s Eye: Travels and Ruminations of an Ambivalent Pilgrim

Book Review: Inside Out: A Memoir of Entering and Breaking Out of a Minneapolis Political Cult

Book Review: Leaving the Witness: Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life 

Book Review: Little X Growing up in the Nation of Islam

Book Review: Lost and Found: My Life in Group Marriage Commune 

Book Review: Make Believe: A True Story

Book Review: My Life in Orange

Book Review: Not Without My Sister: The True Story of Three Girls Violated and Betrayed

Book Review: Out of the Cocoon: A Young Woman’s Courageous Flight from the Grip of a Religious Cult 

Book Review - Paradise and Promises: Chronicles of My Life With a Self-Declared, Modern-Day Buddha 

Book Review: Prophet’s Daughter: My Life with Elizabeth Clare Prophet Inside the Church Universal and Triumphant 

Book Review - Property: The True Story of a Polygamous Church Wife 

Book Review: Robes of Silk, Feet of Clay 

Book Review: Seductive Poison: A Jonestown Survivor’s Story of Life and Death in the People’s Temple

Book Review: Shattered Dreams My Life as a Polygamist’s Wife 

Book Review: Something Somebody Stole: A Personal Journey to Soul Recovery After 20 Years in a Controversial Religious Cult.

Book Review: The Caged Virgin: A Muslim Woman’s Cry for Reason 

Book Review: The House of Yahweh: My Side of the Story

Book Review: The Mother of God

Book Review: The People & the Idiots: Surviving a Cult Childhood  

Book Review: The Serpent Rising: A Journey of Spiritual Seduction//

Book Review: The Sixth of Seven Wives: Escape from Modern Day Polygamy

Book Review: To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence 

Book Review: Trail of Fears: A Journey From Heaven to Hollywood 

Book Review - White American Youth: My Descent Into America's Most Violent Hate Movement - And How I Got Out 

Book Review: Without the Guru: How I took My life Back After 30 Years