Born or Raised in Cultic Groups or Relationships

Born or Raised in Cults: Clinical and Developmental Aspects.  Lorna Goldberg, LCSW, PsyA; Leona Furnari, MSW

Reflections on Being a "Blessed Child" in the Unification Church.  Donna Collins.



A Workshop for People Born or Raised in Cultic Groups - Kelley McCabe, et al.

Born or Raised in Closed, High-Demand Groups: Developmental Considerations - Leona Furnari

Childhood Adversity and Neural Development: Deprivation and Threat as Distinct Dimensions of Early Experience - Katie A. McLaughlin, Ph.D.,, Margaret A. Sheridan, Ph.D.,, and Hilary K. Lambert, B.S.

Generation Cult: A podcast about people who grew up in cults

Generational Revolt by the Adult Children of First-Generation Members of the Children of God/The Family - Stephen A. Kent

Growing up in the Culture of a Cult - Lorna Goldberg 

Impact on Children of Being Born Into/Raised in a Cultic Group - Ashley Allen

Lessons Learned from SGAs About Recovery and Resiliency – Leona Furnari, et al.

Life After Centrepoint: Accounts of Adult Adjustment After Childhood Spent at an Experimental Community.  Kerry Gibson, Mandy Morgan, Cheryl Wooley, and Tracey Powis 

Moving On: Dealing With Family Members Who Have Caused Us Harm - Lorna Goldberg and Ann Stamler 

My Perspective of Rosanne Henry and Leona Furnari’s Presentation to the Annual SGA Workshop – Patrick Rardin

Raised in Cultic Groups: The Impact on the Development of Certain Aspects of Character - Lorna Goldberg

Recovering From Sexual Abuse in Cults: What Can We Learn From Neurobiology? - Doni Whitsett

Recovery for My Children and Myself - Gretchen Ward 

"That's Not Me": Multigenerational Adult Leavers of Cultic Groups - Jill Aebi-Mytton


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The following videos are also available on the channel 

How to Choose a Therapist

Traumatic Narcissism: The Psychology of Cult Leaders

Post-Cult Spirituality: MeadowHaven

Getting Therapy After a Group Involvement

Anger, Rage, Pseudo-Personality, and Cults

First-Generation Parents; Second-Generation Children

Understanding Trauma Theory

Panel: Recovering Your Sexual Self After the Cult