Sexual Abuse


A Psychoanalytic Look at Recovered Memories, Therapists, Cult Leaders, and Undue Influence - Lorna Goldberg

A Rejoinder to James Chancellor’s Response to My Article - Perry Bulwer

A Response to James D. Chancellor’s Life in The Family: An Oral History of the Children of God - Perry Bulwer

A Response to Perry Bulwer’s Evaluation of Life in the Family - James D. Chancellor

Authoritarian Culture and Child Abuse in ISKCON - Nori J. Muster 

Brainwashing and Re-Indoctrination Programs in the Children of God/The Family - Stephen A. Kent

Dominance and Submission: The Psychosexual Exploitation of Women in Cults- Janja Lalich

Lustful Prophet: A Psychosexual Historical Study of the Children of God's Leader David Berg - Stephen A. Kent

Recovering From Sexual Abuse in Cults: What Can We Learn From Neurobiology? - Doni Whitsett 

Sexual Abuse and the Charismatic Crisis: Dissension and Downfall in the Canadian Kabalarians - Renee Brodie 

Six Myths About Clergy Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church - Thomas G. Plante

The Potential for Abuse in the Guru-Disciple Relationship - Mary Garden

The Rabbi and the Sex Cult: Power Expansion in the Formation of a Cult - Richard Ofshe

Fact Sheets:

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Human Trafficking 101

Center for Child Welfare

Human Trafficking of Children in the United States-A Fact Sheet for Schools

Book Reviews

Book Review: God’s Brothel: The Extortion of Sex for Salvation in Contemporary Mormon and Christian Fundamentalist Polygamy and the Stories of 18 Women Who Escaped

Book Review: Stripping the Gurus: Sex, Violence, Abuse and Enlightenment 

Book Review: The Serpent Rising: A Journey of Spiritual Seduction

Book Review: The Sixth of Seven Wives: Escape from Modern Day Polygamy