Terrorism - Cultic Dimensions

Interview with Dr. Eolene Boyd-MacMillan, social psychologist based in the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, and co-directs the ICthinking® research group.

Interview with Professor Roger Griffin, author of Terrorist's Creed: Fanatical violence and the human need for meaning

Interview with Dr. Florence Gaub, deputy director at the European Union Institute for Security Studies where she heads the Middle East and North Africa programme


A Psychosocial Analysis of the Terrorist Group As a Cult - Álvaro Rodríguez et al.

A Question of Participation - Disengagment from the extremist right. A case study from Sweden - Tina Wilchen Christensen (dissertation)

Are Terrorists Cultists? - Arthur A. Dole

Assessing Religious Terror - David Conway

Communist Attempts to Elicit False Confessions from Air Force POWs - Albert Biderman

Concerning Features of an Apocalyptic Cult in the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) - Marita LaPalm

Conflict Between Aum Critics and Human Rights Activists in Japan - Yoshihide Sakuria

Cultic Dimensions of the London 7/21 Bombings - Dennis Tourish

Cultism, Terrorism, and Homeland Security - Stephen Bruce Mutch

Cults and Terrorism: Similarities and Differences - Christopher M. Centner

De-Radicalization Programs Offer Hope in Countering Terrorism - John G. Horgan

Does ISIS Satisfy the Criteria of an Apocalyptic Islamic cult? An Evidence-Based Historical Qualitative Meta-analysis - Bruce Barron and Diane L. Mayre

European Muslims and the Cult of Jihadism - Akyol Mustafa

Fight War of Ideas Against Extremism -Tony Blair

In Bordeaux, an Experiment in Preventing Radicalization

'It is a battle for hearts and minds': Trudeau's $35 million gamble to counter radicalization

Manchurian Candidate Was No Mere Fiction - Mark Sauter

North Korea Begins Brainwashing Children in Cult of the Kims as Early as Kindergarten -Anna Fifield

Perspectives on Cults As Affected by the September 11th Tragedy - Herbert L. Rosedale

Psychological Makeup of a Pakistani Muslim Suicide Bomber: An Observation-Based Perspective - Aftab Khan

Psychology of Terrorism - Randy Borum

Radicalization: Why do Western Youth Join Extremist Groups?- Marian Scott

Radicalization into Violent Extremism I: A Review of Social Science Theories - Randy Borum

Responding to Jihadism: A Cultic Studies Perspective - Michael D. Langone

Same Anger, Different Ideologies: Radical Muslim and Neo-Nazi - Katrin Bennhold

Teaching Terror: Subject Bibliographies Published in Perspectives on Terrorism

Terror and Terrorism: A History of Ideas and Philosophical-Ethical Reflections - Brig. Gen. Edwin R. Micewski

Terror in the Name of God: The Rise of Religious Terrorism - John W. Morehead et al.

Terrorism and Cultic Dynamics - Michael Langone

Terrorism and Cults - Hal Mansfield

Terrorist Motivations, Extreme Violence, and the Pursuit of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) -Jaime Gomez

Terrorist Organizations Are Cults - Masoud Banisadr

Terrorists Are Made, Not Born: Creating Terrorists Using Social Psychological Conditioning - Anthony Stahelski

The Cult That is North Korea - Christopher Centner

The Red Mosque: A Case Study of How Religion Can Evolve into a Terrorist Cult - Ana Ballesteros Peiró et al.

The Science of Interpersonal Trust - Randy Borum

The Seven-Stage Hate Model: The Psychopathology of Hate Groups. John R. Schafer et al.

'This Could be Your Child:' STU Professor Helps Families with Children Lost to Jihadist Movement

Tom Olsen Describes Life As A Neo-Nazi Thug and How He Was ‘De-Radicalised’

Un análisis de las estrategias y consecuencias del terrorismo psicológico aplicado por el entramado de ETA - Javier Martin-Peña et al.

Understanding Terrorist Psychology - Randy Borum

Who are the Sufis and Why Does ISIS See Them as Threatening?

Book Reviews

Book Review: Boy Soldiers

Book Review: Destroying the World to Save It

Book Review: No god but God: Origins, Evolution and Future Islam

Book Review: Terror in the Name of God

Book Review: Terrorismo Religioso. La Guerra del Siglo XXI. El Ataque al World Trade Center y al Pentagono

Book Review: The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Book Review: The Caged Virgin: A Muslim Woman’s Cry for Reason

Book Review: The Heart of Islam: Enduring Values for Humanity

Book Review: Them and Us: Cult Thinking and the Terrorist Threat

Articles from ICSA News Desk

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2015-07-29 Opinion: Federal Anti-Radicalization Efforts Have Taken Too Narrow an Approach

2015-05-11 Assessing Religious Terror

2015-04-10 Same Anger, Different Ideologies: Radical Muslim and Neo-Nazi

2015-03-20 North Korea Begins Brainwashing Children in Cult of the Kims as Early as Kindergarten

2015-02-22 De-Radicalization Programs Offer Hope in Countering Terrorism

2014-11-25 Fight War of Ideas Against Extremism

2014-10-29 Radicalization: Why do Western Youth Join Extremist Groups?

2014-10-22 A Former MEK Member Speaks About the “Cult” of Extremism

2014-06-19 Tom Olsen Describes Life As A Neo-Nazi Thug and How He Was ‘De-Radicalised’


American Terrorism and Extremist Crime Data Sources and Selectivity Bias: An Investigation Focusing on Homicide Events Committed by Far-Right Extremists

Masoud: Memoirs of an Iranian Rebel . Masoud Banisadr

National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.  University of Maryland, College Park

Violence Prevention Network