ICSA has developed a special Arts website.  ICSA Arts ( 

Phoenix Project Exhibit, Denver 2006

ICSA invites former members of high-demand groups to share their personal stories and reflections - whether in narrative, poetic, or visual forms. 

ICSA has found that artistic expressions related to the feelings of former cultic group members can sometimes capture or reveal subtleties that elude analytic writing.

Artistic creations, with their added emotional dimension, shed light on the reality of life in a high-demand organization and its effects on individuals. Creating art work also provides an empowering experience to the artists, giving them the chance to tell their own stories in their own ways.

Currently, ICSA offers three outlets for artistic contributions:

If you are interested in sharing your artistic work, please see the "Submit a Work" link on this page. Submissions are subject to review by the ICSA Arts Committee.

Or, explore the contributions of others (see links on this page). Eventually, the art works on this site will be on, along with many other works.

If you support this project and ICSA's mission and programs, please become a member or renew your membership.

Please Note:  Artists retain copyright on their visual, literary, or musical works.  Please respect this by not duplicating material without the artist's permission.  Thank you.