Submit a Work

ICSA is interested in art, literary, or musical works for the Phoenix Project at conferences, for Web posting, and for publication in our magazine, ICSA Today.

If you are interested in submitting an artistic work, it is best to begin the submission process by sending ICSA an inquiry e-mail. ( In this e-mail, please provide:

  • your name

  • complete mailing address

  • e-mail(s)

  • phone(s)

  • fax

  • title of the work you would like to submit

  • category of the work: visual art, poetry, other literary, musical, other

  • brief description of the work

  • Publication dissemination option(s) that interest you, including: ICSA Today magazine, Phoenix Project exhibit at a conference, posting on ICSA art's Web site

  • the work you wish to submit or a jpg image of the work.