Poetry: Spread Your Wings

Spread Your Wings

Beautiful Soul,

Spread your wings that have been tucked away

Unleash your beautiful colors, and vibrant energy

Let your wings feel the wild wind, the warm sun

And give them a chance to open, stretch, dry, and heal

From all the years of pain and anguish

Turmoil, darkness, and sadness that they, that you

Have felt, and have stumbled through

Until you were tired and worn, and felt no more like flying

But curled up, then forgot how to use your wings

Rest Dear Love, feel at ease and rest

There is no rushing into flying just yet

But do know that when you are ready

You are most able to soar, like a Phoenix

That is reborn from the ashes, once the fire dies out

Transformed and healed, from the inside out

Washed and burned, and cleansed by the fire

To create a stronger, more beautiful creature than ever

Courage Dear Butterfly, when you are but ready

Let your wings take you where the wind dare not blow

And guide you to a beautiful life, that until now

You thought too joyous to imagine, see ahead, or know of

For it is there, it always has been,

Just waiting for you…

When you are ready to claim it, be in it, really feel it

With the entirety of your body and soul

May your heart be a guide for you

And let your dreams be a part of you

Your stars await you, to reach out and touch them

Dance with them, and make great use of them

Always know that if you ever tire

And feel like you are falling through the fire

You may fear, but each time remember…

Great hands will catch you, greatness will guide you

And breathe vibrant new life inside of you

Allow you to rest, transform, and heal

And you will… if you allow yourself to.


Author's Narrative About This Poem

I originally wrote this poem in 2009 for a friend who was at an all-time low in his life. After writing it, I realized that it applied to my life, and that it could also apply to just about any person who has gone through a rough period. The symbol of the Phoenix has held a special meaning for me for many years, because I feel I have been burned to the ground time and time again; yet somehow I continue to “rise from the ashes,” with or without support from others, but mostly without support.

This continuing regeneration affirms and celebrates that I have tremendous power within me, even though at times it appeared to be squelched by circumstances or people attempting to own, manipulate, and control me in the past. However frightening at first, each time I “go through the fire” and make it to the other side, I become stronger, gaining ever-growing awareness and healing, and acceptance of my experiences.

This poem is also a reminder to give myself permission to take time out to rest, reflect, and center myself, in order to facilitate my healing, as an important gesture of self-love. It’s about the importance of being gentle with myself, not worrying about rushing my healing process but honoring my own personal unique cycle of growth; to follow my heart and live on my own terms rather than do what others expect or demand of me; nurturing myself, listening to my body and trusting my intuition, rather than to distrust or ignore it, a habit that I formed as a young child in reaction to so much ongoing abuse.

When I say, “greatness will guide you”, I mean that my core Inner highest self will guide me. I believe our own answers are within if we have the courage and patience to take the time to listen, and importantly, trust our own deeper wisdom - something that cults highly discourage, and something which I am still in the process of learning to do.