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Reports from the Catholic Church and Catholic Periodicals

Sects or New Religious Movements: a pastoral challenge, Vatican, May 3, 1986;

ICSA reprint of the Vatican Report

Raffaella Di Marzio's summary of the 1986 Vatican report and the Secretariat for Ecumenism and Dialogue of the CEI. Pastoral memorandum The Church’s pastoral commitment in facing new religious movements and cults, May 30, 1993.

Berry, Jason. Former Legion Followers Criticize Oversight of Order (National Catholic Reporter, online Dec. 27, 2013)

Articles Published in ICSA Periodicals

Bussell, Harold. Checks on power and authority in the New Testament

Bussell, Harold. Why Evangelicals are vulnerable to cults

Dowhower, Richard. Cults: What clergy should know

Enroth, Ronald. Dysfunctional churches

Fagan, Kevin. The teenage dissent of Newman and Unamuno: Conscience as a safeguard against coercive manipulation

Giambalvo, Carol. An open letter to clergy

ICSA Today. Three articles on the Legion of Christ

Langone, Michael. Characteristics associated with cultic groups

Langone, Michael. Harm, new religious movements, and ICSA

Langone, Michael. Introduction: Cults, Evangelicals, and the ethics of social influence

Langone, Michael. Psychological abuse

LeBar, James. Evangelism and freedom in the Catholic Church

Lennon, John Paul. Aspects of concern regarding the Legion of Christ

Langone, Michael. Reflections on the Legion of Christ.

Lifton, Robert Jay. Cult formation

Litfin, A. D. The perils of persuasive preaching

Moncada, Alberto. Opus Dei over time

Langone, Michael. Comment on "Opus Dei over time"

Reimers, Adrian. Charismatic Covenant Community: A failed promise

Reimers, Adrian. More than the Devil's due

Tydings, Judith. Shipwrecked in the spirit: Implications of some controversial Catholic movements

Debold, Walter. Comment on "shipwrecked in the spirit"

Duggan, Michael. Comment on "shipwrecked in the spirit"

Vere, Peter. Sifting the wheat from the tares

Websites Concerned with Victims of the Sectarian Spirit

ReGain Network

SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests)